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  • Money Power Glory (Lena x G!P Reader)
    9.3K 588 46

    There's a new money maker who recently moved to National City. This mystery person is fresh out of college with 3 PhDs but she was recently released from the military. Let's say that this person is nowhere near average. This person is ready to take on the business industry from inheriting their family business. Many d...

  • Hidden Love [Emily Prentiss x Reader]✔️
    11.4K 423 22

    "Loving you was the easiest thing i've done" ~ You were never a believer for love at first sight, but when you saw Emily Prentiss for the first time, things changed. She shifted your world, and showed you the great, instead of the weak. Through the pain of your relationships, she somehow changed the way you thought of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Supergirl One-Shots {On Hiatus}
    3.5K 55 12

    A book of Kara Danvers based one-shots. Pair her with anyone in the Arrowverse. Whoever you'd like! Send me requests and a brief description of how you want the chapter to go and I'll get to writing. Some of the chapters will be from personal requests, or basically a chapter that I really want to write. Enjoy! Disclai...

  • The Devil's Greatest Trick (MCU)
    4.8K 360 7

    "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." In which even after death, Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff still have the chance to save the universe thanks to six colorful chunks of stone. They just have to do it the long way around. Rewrite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from I...

  • Arrowverse Oneshots
    2.2K 52 4

    Just one-shots of the Arrowverse. I don't know when I'll update this book, it can be in a month, in a year or in a day.

  • arrowverse [gif series]
    117K 4.8K 105

    @problematiccanary Started: 11-30-16 Ended: 7-8-17

  • Canary After Lightning
    6K 98 19

    There was once a Lance who found her true love after a break in... Yea that's the story you wanna tell your kids... (OC x Barry Allen)

  • The Archer's Canary
    20.2K 342 23

    My father always said men would go to war for me, how the hell could I guess that my meta-human boyfriend would pick a fight with my human ex-boyfriend?

  • The Unmatched
    42.6K 1.2K 73

    [The Second book in @WritersBlock039's Unmatched Records real world books]

  • Supergirls Daughter ~ Superflash
    16.4K 345 16

    ( The ending of season four of the flash but it's supergirls ending.) Kara gets a unexpected visitor from the future this girl completely changes Kara's world. Maya is always running but when she needs to go to the past she comes to one particular kryptonian. Maya and Kara learn the power of Friendship, love and lost...

  • Arrowverse group chat❤️
    50.6K 1.1K 63

    In this book all the heroes who've died are alive. What happens when the superheroes that saves the city chats with each other? Okay I'm not a Karamel or Olicity shipper so this book contains other ships. And also, this book is kinda weird Contains much drama. Started: March 19th 2018

  • It Is You I have Loved
    144 11 1

    After an exhausting day, Kara Zor-El cannot wait to return to the comfort of her home and the embrace of her lover. Little did she know that Mon-El had something big planned for her.

  • My Everything {superflash}
    29.9K 472 21

    Go though a journey with the flash and supergirl meeting and falling in love. *If you don't like superflash or ship it don't read it, I also advise you not to spread hate* *COMPLETE* This is my first ever published book

  • Green Captain, Red Daughter
    8.7K 338 13

    Oliver knew the Bratva would help him on his mission. When Anatoly helped him initiate into the Russian mob, he didn't expect to find someone who would bring him home. No one could expect Ekaterina Karlova, the secret weapon of the Solntsevskaya Bratva. A superpowered alien adopted by a Former KGB officer. While thei...

  • From Super to Super Famous
    2K 83 7

    What would happen if for personal reasons, both Kara and Clark quit being superheroes and disappeared for three years until fate reunites them with their families. Only they are ...different. Don't forget to read Keeping Up With the Kryptonians by ProGamet Disclaimer: I do Not own Supergirl, Glee, or it's characters.

  • Running Home to You-Superflash vs. Karamel
    34.4K 711 24

    After a strange metahuman puts her on his earth, Barry must help Kara find a way back to her home. Kara is anxious to get back to Alex, to get back to the one love in her life, Mon-El. What happens when Kara starts to develop feelings for Barry, will she supress them and go home to her boyfriend, or will she embrace...

  • Comets In The Snow : Karamel Christmas Short-Story
    1.3K 34 5

    In this story Mon-El didn't leave and go to the future ..... they still manage to defeat Rhea and got rid of all the other Daxamites but thankfully Kara sent Mon-El to Barry's Earth instead of into space .... And she visited him almost every day while Lena worked on a cure for his lead allergy , around 5 months later...

  • The only way to Go (An Arrowverse Story)
    820 14 5

    What if Supergirl can never go back to her Earth. What if there was someone trying, and almost succeeding, to kill her. What if the only place she could go is Earth 1.

  • SuperFlash One-Shots
    4.7K 55 6

    Random collection of one shots about the scarlet speedster and the kryptonian

  • Paralyzed // Karamel
    12.2K 512 18

    |{"as long as you're here everything will be okay"}| {[ pain is apart of life, that's what makes us who we are]} *not based off of the supergirl plot*

  • Last Thing On My Mind
    4.5K 94 3

    Sequel to The Analyst. Oliver Queen is struggling with the threat of Prometheus in his city, afraid of thinking about anything else as Kara, worried after not having news about him, pays a visit to Earth 1. Unfinished business and a lot of action surrounds this temporary team-up in a Supergirl and Arrow crossover.

  • Crossover (Arrowverse) Oneshots
    217 16 2

    I write one shots for this dorky group of weirdos that I love. They will range from super angsty to super fluffy.

  • They Had No Idea
    5.3K 252 8

    Kara Danvers is looking for a new apartment and Barry Allen is looking for a new roommate. Trouble happens as they both try and keep their identities a secret. Basically my take on the "A superhero story where the villain and the superhero are roommates and they keep making excuses to each other about why they are out...

  • The Fanatical
    1.6K 75 10

    Kara didn't imagine that at her next meeting with Barry, she would see him on his knees. When love dies, when hope dries up, some people find their source in faith. But is it always the right path, or is it a sign of a much deeper problem ?

  • Der Letzte Ritter
    326 16 3

    Kara is a well known gladiator with a tragic past. This is a Superarrow medieval AU

  • Grant and Melissa
    1K 23 3

    Melissa and Grant have been close friends since glee but got really close since the first crossover.

  • Off screen
    1.5K 46 3

    On screen there best buddies and will always trust each other. But off screen... they are more then friends A/N~ In this story Grant had just broken up with his girlfriend

  • Arrowverse One-Shots
    423 5 4

    A collection of random Arrowverse one-shots

  • Crisis on Earth X
    26.8K 588 15

    My version of the upcoming DCTV crossover. Alex is in pain and Kara feels they they need a break from their universe, so Iris and Barry's wedding is the perfect excuse for that. They have a few surprises on the way and everything seems wonderful but when a group of nazi villains from another universe makes an unexpect...

  • the arrow universe watching the Scarlet Canary
    5.8K 51 5

    Sara screws up with the timeline and her and Barry are together