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  • What To Watch
    56 9 2

    Recommendation to reduce your boredom.

  • Things You Can Relate ✓
    1.9K 590 52

    There are certain things that we almost all can relate. This book will reveal the common incident we all encounter. (Some of them are from online, some of them from my experience)

  • Life Through Photo's
    399 93 8

    A glimpse of my life through photo's.

  • Types Of People In Real Life
    1K 346 17

    A complication of people you meet on real life.

  • Agree Or Disagree ✓
    11.6K 2.8K 137

    let's see if you agree or disagree with my statements and compare them with others.

  • My Makeup Collection
    497 82 12

    You guys know I am a huge makeup lover. This book will follow my makeup journey. If you love makeup, then you will enjoy. And if you don't like makeup, you should check it too because who knows maybe you will start to like makeup after this.

  • Questions For You 2
    5.4K 1.3K 86

    Another book of daily Questions.

  • Songs For You
    1.9K 499 53

    I am not much of a music lover but there are few songs that I absolutely love. maybe you will enjoy them too. The purpose of this book is to recommend songs for you that I often listen.

  • Uncommon Word's
    2K 359 47

    Let's learn some uncommon word's .

  • Names ✓
    17.4K 1K 114

    Struggling to find a name for your character. check this book out. You will find plenty of unique names and can select them.

  • Facts ✓
    25.3K 3K 201

    This isn't your common Wattpad Fact book, it's fun and entertaining. (I don't own anything, everything is collected from the internet.)

  • Questions for you ✓
    32.5K 3.5K 201

    I will ask you questions and you will answer

  • Covers ✓
    3.2K 629 57

    Covers for you because I am bored