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  • Eros {Viktor x Yuuri // Vikturi}
    22.7K 446 2

    Characters in this story do not belong to me. Full of mature content; read at your own risk.

    Completed   Mature
  • Yuri On Ice Oneshot *SMUT WARNING*!!
    35.8K 678 3

    Yuuri wasn't feeling very well, so Victor took care of him until night time came...

  • Victuuri Smut/Fluff One Shots
    3.2K 58 2

    This is the first smut or fluff book I've written so please if you do read this let me know if I did something wrong or a request you'd like to see! Okay on with the cuddles and "cuddles" ;)

  • Yuri!!! On Ice Oneshots
    25K 435 14

    Just a one shot book, theres plenty of these and my writing isnt amazing but I find it fun all kinds of oneshots to explore! thank you for reading 💙 ALL PICTURES AND EDITS ARE NOT MINE, YURI ON ICE IS NOT OWNED BY ME PLEASE SUPPORT THE ACTUAL TEAM BEHIND IT

  • Victuuri Smut (Drunkin' inlove)
    9.6K 118 4

    After the competition.Yuuri thought about confessing what he feel for Victor in the hotsprings before Victor goes to Russia. But he cant tell him.Instead he tried to drink and get drunk so that he can say what he feels for Victor more honestly.(Gone Wrong)Do Victor feel the same way? We Were Born To Ship Victuuri!

  • Victor x Yuri
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    YESSSSSS Im born to ship victuri oh and smut warning ?

  • Victor X Yuri {ONESHOTS} -Complete -
    60.6K 1.8K 24

    Soooo! Here is ma smol book of VictUri oneshots. Yay. I'm internally cheering. 🎈 ----{{ Cover art isn't mine, I just edited it. Neither are the characters from Yuri On Ice }}----

  • I Love You (Victuuri Smut😋)
    10.2K 102 4

    Yuri and Victor slight smut😉😌😁

  • Teasingly Perfect-A Victuuri Smut
    36.9K 481 3

    Some hardcore sexy times from an Asian dude and a horny Russian man. And some sweet old comfort down the line I guess. (Sorry if it's shitty) (I'm sorry mom) (Art by Gearous)

  • My Eros [Victuri lemon]
    11.1K 207 1


    Completed   Mature
  • Viktor x Yuri LEMON! Eros & Agape
    61.3K 871 3

    Yuri takes a break in the hot springs to recover from stiff skating muscles, Viktor is feeling hungry for a sexy pork cutlet bowl. You know what happens next...

  • Birthday Sex [Victor x Yuri lemon]
    39.2K 359 1

    Written on 11/29/16 My little baby Yuris birthday. :3 I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES/GIFS ALL CREDS TO OWNERS FOR MATURE READERS ONLY

    Completed   Mature
  • Victor X Yuri
    24.6K 463 1

    Yuri !!! On Ice . Have you ever wondered what happens after the Grand Prix Finals... Well heres something naughty~