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  • Author's Note | ↺
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    Rants. Ramblings. One shots. Notices. Welcome to the behind the scenes of a question mark.

  • Titans
    172K 17.5K 109

    "What was it like to witness the creation of the universe?" "Terrifying." When Atara, Merc, Cal and Lilith wake to darkness, they're each more than a little afraid. With no memory of who they were before, and with the universe bursting violently to life around them, they must work together to survive and to get home...

  • When Snowflakes Fall
    1.1K 159 12

    As soon as December first hits, Dakota Wells has a smile plastered on her face and hums Christmas carols. It's the only time her parents aren't fighting, anyways. But that smile fades on Christmas Eve when her parents announce they will be spending the holiday in New York for work. Furious, Dakota flees her house and...

  • 1.4 | If The Shoe Fits ✓
    232K 17.4K 13

    Nine times Nala Mitchell gets caught in an embarrassing situation by her ultimate crush Kim Seung Jae. And one time he gets caught by her. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018 by Noelle N. Cover by @stereohearted.

  • Astoria
    813K 39.8K 68

    M E R E D I T H is a princess without a country. Her family, formerly the royal family of Borgavia, has been exiled from their home, forced to live under the rule of the Empire of Astoria. A N T O N Y is a prince who doesn't want a crown. Soon to be king of Astoria, he will inherit the empire his family built before h...

  • How To Drown Colin McKinin | ON HOLD
    291K 15.5K 22

    Colin McKinin; soccer star and playboy to whom's lucky-go nature and charming smile grew his popularity. But, even as Colin was surrounded by people there was the chilling coldness in the air, a loneliness in the boys broken bones as the puppet danced to the song the people sang. A coldness grew within the depths of...

  • How to Punch Soren McKinin | ✓
    9.6M 509K 55

    Soren McKinin; the disappointment of the family, the child his parents wished did not belong to them, the type fathers warned their daughters not to date. Anger issues, a heartless brute that got into fights and saw the world as dark grey, helpless and pointless lump of rock. He was incapable of happiness, of love. ...

  • 3.1 | Animal Instinct ✓
    4.4M 196K 26

    After stumbling upon a murder, Quinn Reilly is placed under a witness-protection program. But things spiral out of control when Alpha Jed Trevino shows up, claiming to be both the murderer and her mate. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2015 by Noelle N. Cover by @stereohearted.

  • 3.2 | Killer Instinct
    430K 24K 9

    Brooke Rosen is running from a monster. But she doesn't expect to run right into the hands of another one - a rogue called Dimitri Volkov who will do anything for her, even if it means killing the man she once loved. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2016 by Noelle N. Cover by @stereohearted.

  • Shrouded
    504K 24.9K 54

    Thalia Alfonsi, has finally moved in with her father's sister in order to live a life full of promise, keen and good away from the shattered home she had been bought up in her last seventeen years. After moving in with her aunt, she is finally able to feel integrated into a hearty home, with her aunt's husband and fiv...

  • There are Many Flowers in Tokyo
    223K 10.2K 70

    A heartbroken fashion designer escapes to Tokyo to be an assistant on a movie set, only to get caught up in an illicit, whirlwind romance with the lead actor. ***** After discovering her fiance is cheating on her, heiress and fashion designer Lily P...

  • Academy Of Beasts
    62.3K 2.7K 23

    FORMERLY 'ONLY FOREVER' IMPORTANT UPDATE! To continue reading 'Only Forever' past chapter 19, please go to to download the Radish app. If you are already on Radish, you can find me by searching for ClarissaNorth. ***** A bodyguard at a wealthy vampire boarding school dreams of a new life...

  • Lemon Sorbet | ✓
    28.6K 2.5K 29

    It started with a lemon sorbet. Then a cold, dead body smiled. [ 01.01 of the SONG SERIES ]

  • Task Force Sub Unit | ✓
    4.1K 291 17

    SEASON 01: ✓ | A 'psychologically compatible' pair that aren't entirely sane themselves, is now supposed to make sure that the world stays a little bit saner.