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  • Spilled Ink
    710K 39.3K 61

    A piece of soul in ink, and unto the paper it spilled. A collection of thoughts that rhyme from a wandering mind. *A Wattpad Featured Book [12.10.15] PTY | 2 [01.10.16]

  • she's not like the others.
    2.6M 134K 214

    quiet isn't always violent. #1 in poetry 11/2

  • Short Poems by a Short Girl [WATTYS Winner 2015]
    5.7M 271K 197

    "we sat under the same sky but he couldn't see the stars" -Short Poems by a Short Girl [#1 in poetry 1/22/16] Five foot three, but a big voice. I hope you enjoy my work. Show your support with a vote or drop a comment if you'd like. <3

  • The Butterflies Have Gone | ✔️
    2.6M 102K 206

    I am an artist and this is my garden of words. Copyright @2015, All Rights Reserved

  • loud poetry from a quiet girl
    4.9M 244K 201

    poetry by a person that's afraid of people. 12/23/15- #1 in poetry

  • but my love (Wattys2014 Talk of the Town Winner)
    1.3M 73.7K 30

    ❝for I am nothing but a statue watching you come and go.❞ she refuses to let go of him, he refuses to know of her existence

  • Deep Dark Poetry
    40.5K 1.5K 57

    Poetry for the heart, mind, and body. One may read and be moved but only the poetry can be read, yet felt.