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  • Green Lantern: No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
    166 39 16

    Hal Jordan was recruited for the Justice League months ago, but now he truly becomes a Green Lantern, partly living on Oa, he lives with the other Green Lanterns and hunts down intergalactic criminals and criminals in his own sector, 2418, or our galaxy.

  • Justice League
    300 43 23

    (Cover made by the awesome @DCstories101) A robber known as the Flash is all over America, he is the fastest man alive. No one can catch him so, Superman gets together a group, but that's not the biggest threat.

    Completed   Mature
  • Aquaman: Avenger of the Sea
    43 5 2

    Arthur Curry was born on on a beach to a sailor and a mysterious woman. Arthur had an interest in water from an extremely young age. He loved the ocean, swimming and the sea animals themselves too. One day, he went into the water some kids from school had found him and held him underwater, he breathed underwater. Th...

  • Superman: Man of Steel
    204 43 17

    After the destruction of Krypton, Clark Kent has a normal life on earth, except he has superhuman strength, speed, laser vision, among other things. Then, a new threat comes, and Clark, or Superman has to intervene

    Completed   Mature
  • Wonder Woman: Themyscirian War
    44 11 4

    After Ares declares war on the hidden island of females, Themyscira, a new hero arises. Diana Prince, daughter of the great Zeus, will lead her people in a war against Ares and his army. Part of Joseph_F's DCBU.

  • Black Mask
    276 11 8

    in this series we focus on the mobster Black Mask and his rise to power (Canon to the DCBU established by @Joseph_F)

    Completed   Mature
  • Batman: Year One
    317 17 14

    When Bruce Wayne was a child his parents were murdered, he went to Ra's Al Ghul's temple to learn how to fight, no, not just fight, every martial art known to man. He went back to Gotham years later. And then, he found out crime was worse than ever. He was done, he had heard of vigilantes, and he had thing for bat...

    Completed   Mature