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  • Decisions (HP x Reader x DM) {DISCONTINUED}
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    (Y/n) = your name (h/c) = your hair color (E/c) = your eye color (F/c) = favorite color (F/c/f) = Fav cake flavor ------------------------- (y/n) Lupin got accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,! You're pureblood you live in the muggle world next door to Harry. You also meet a blonde boy with his...

  • Smile {Shoto Todoroki x Reader }
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    Y/N L/N, a hero in training, just got accepted into UA High off recommendations. It seems to help when you're the adopted daughter of the symbol of peace himself. With that being said, she kept it a secret to her new classmates. That isn't the only unique thing about Y/N though, aside her being a hero's daughter, she...