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  • Jackson Wang | | Papillion
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    "Just for one day id like to see your true colors." ---------------- Anna has lived all her life hiding behind a mask, she would rarely reveal herself or her true colors to anyone. Yet people always seemed to abandoned her, she always felt isolated, and different. But what if she didn't have to...what if there was a p...

  • ORPHIC [GOT7 - Jackson Wang Fanfiction]
    1.3K 45 4

    Elise was tired and done with her life. It's as if every single thing around her wears her out. Her nagging mother and her mother's suffocating expectations along with others. Her fake and slutty friends who did nothing but smoke weed and go to clubs. And of course, the stress of moving to Hong Kong for her last year...

  • seen | jackson wang x reader
    222K 7.4K 35

    in which he sends her messages, even after she had ran away. - lowercase intended - :: #175 in got7 - 051218 ::

  • life line | jackson wang x reader | sequel to "seen."
    23.2K 1K 14

    °..i won't let go.° she kept him alive. [ tw : physical abuse, alcoholic tendencies ]

  • I Love you,Jackson Wang (slow)
    1.2K 52 15

    I loved him but I was just a friend Started (12/23/17)

  • Invisible (Jackson Wang X Reader)
    34.1K 1.3K 26

    ''Why would you even want to talk to me?'' you said. ''Do I need a reason? I mean why would I NOT want to?'' he replied.

  • Confused \\ Bambam Got7 {Completed}
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    Kira Lynns. A hip hop dancer, that tends to keep to herself. But when she accidentally collides in Bambam from Got7, her entire life gets turned around by one thing. Bambam speaks little english. Kira Lynns can't speak Korean.

  • Reality Check
    48.5K 1.4K 30

    Jackson Wang. Unlike his other six brothers, he is a person who always does what he pleased. Knowing he's wild and sexy, he always does things carelessly towards girls who has feelings for him. Will there be any girl that will come into his life and stop his bad behavior? Or will he continue his life as a heartless pl...

  • Don't Let Him Go || Jackson Wang Jia Er ff.
    6.3K 242 12

    I left him there, crying. What have I done? -- Started: 11/08/17 Ended: 28/11/17

  • Dream: Jackson Wang
    11.4K 363 5

    [COMPLETED] Sujeong dreamed about Jackson; an idol and she kept dreaming about him until she met him face to face. She never thought of having the dreams become true... Note: All the ideas in this story are from myself so if there's any similarity with other stories, it's all coincidence. Thank you.

  • Abused ( Jackson Wang X Reader) by Bunny
    6.9K 182 5

    " Did he hit you? " I closed my eyes not knowing how to explain. This was it it was my turn to explain. Written By: Bunny (Taeddybear10) Inspiration for story: Random Shower Thoughts K-pop Group: GOT7 BiasXReader: Jackson

  • okay || jackson wang
    2.5K 51 5

    I told myself that I'd be okay. I told myself I didn't need him. He told himself he'd be okay. He didn't need her. For Jackson, protecting his imagine and his band is his first priority. That is.. until he meets someone he'd risk everything for. But sometimes things don't turn out okay.

  • Dear Jackson Wang
    37.1K 1.8K 13

    October 16th 2016 Dear Jackson Wang, Today you made the whole class laugh, including me. But who could resist your humor? You were also with Amber today, we guys look good together. Though you guys say you are just friends. But I wish it was me. But I'm a sidekick, and your a hero.

  • Take Care of You| Jackson Wang
    884 51 14

    Read to find out ;))) #259 in boyxboyromance idk why lmao Cover Credit to @Yoonmilkz my baby uwu

    Completed   Mature
  • Illusion { Jackson Wang }
    189 20 9

    And like that , it all felt like an illusion { started 02•18}

  • Tangled With Jackson Wang (COMPLETED) #Wattys2017
    119K 4.9K 47

    I never wanted him in my life. Everything was all of a sudden. I'm a mere college student trying to build a bright future ahead of me. But things got all caught up in a mess when a jerk entered my life. And that's none other than, Jackson Wang ©scintillaconstellate Cover by foreveryoung_09 05/26/2017

  • Single | Got7- Jackson Wang
    12.2K 476 18

    " You have bad taste." Currently we were both just using each other. That's all. And we were completely fine with that. --- A story about a girl helping a boy out for revenge in return...and a blind date. Started in: 2/23/18 Ended in : 4/5/18 [COMPLETED]