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  • Cheers! (Mina Ashido x Male Reader)
    166K 2K 16

    This is an x Reader story. You know how it goes. Reader's Quirk is a weird op version of Straight-For-Shinsou 's quirk "Your Rein". Covers by: Book - Saalem-Tan on ZeroChan Chapter 1 - Hiberrybottle on Tumblr Chapter 2 - Saalem-Tan on ZeroChan Chapter 3 - Horikoshi Sensei (the manga) Chapter 4 - Cyfrus on DevianArt...

  • The mythical hero (Mha x Male reader)
    2.4K 47 8

    Y/N was a child when he was abandonded due to his powerful quirk but is found by a woman with similar powers who raises him to be the next pro hero.

  • I Provide Protection || BNHA OC
    822K 30K 69

    Hitomi Kanetsukabe was ecstatic to find she'd been admitted to UA's hero course. Her high school life was just beginning, and she'd soon find out she'd be getting more than she bargained for. This is an OC story, where she is a part of Class 1-A as one additional student! This is my first work, and is cross-posted to...

    63 3 2

    As team RWBY was in Atlas, and with team JNPR in Vacuo; team CFVY consisting of; Coco Adel, her fiances, Fox Alistair and Velvet Scarlatina, and a huge young man named Yatsuhashi Daichi, must team up with a mysterious girl, and a haunted sword and shield to save a young girl imprisoned on a remote island. Will they sa...

  • Cat Got Your Tongue (Yoruichi Shihouin x Male Reader) Oneshot
    4.3K 93 1

    I was bored so I made this

  • Genius [Mei Hatsume x Male Reader]
    33.9K 385 12

    (Y/N) (L/N) Is a transfer student from Australia, he meets a girl named Mei Hatsume. Will they end up together or not? Read to find out what happens in this suspenseful and adrenaline pumping story of romance... [DISCLAIMER: As you can hopefully guess, this poor excuse for a writer owns no rights to My Hero Academia...

  • Awkward Energy - MinaDeku
    454K 8.2K 83

    The only reason Midoriya got to talking with Ashido was because his bandages needed reapplying. Still, this small hand of fate was all that was needed to spark a friendship and a far closer bond between the two classmates. I honestly have no idea what their ship name is, so I'ma call it MinaDeku. Primarily a writing...

  • When Heroes Aren't Enough (Male Reader x My Hero Academia)
    290K 6.4K 25

    Y/N The Monster... a young man with unknown intentions and frightening power. He fights so that his vision for the world is realized. Making countless enemies of both heroes and villains along the way. To achieve his goal he will conquer any hardship, exploit any weakness, and walk any path necessary. No matter what h...

  • The Hybrid (Monster Hunter x Male reader)
    139K 2.3K 39

    (y/n) was the freakish result of an experiment conducted by a cult known as the Claws of Dala. the experiment involved taking human infants and injecting them with monster blood in an effort to create a hybrid between human and monster. the results of the experiment may have been successful, but they were also unstabl...

  • Black Clover: The Dragon of The Black Bulls
    2.9K 46 5

    Wyvern, The Dragon Knight of the black bulls dreams to one day become a Magic Knight Captain like his father. Despite being a mere commoner he has a rare magic that no one has even heard of and has more potential than most. But how much will he grow when he meets a boy, who has no magic power aiming to be the Wizard...

  • Ask or Dare Nejire
    27K 316 46

    Just please....don't make me bite anyone.

  • Be There (Awaiting Re-Write)
    31.8K 507 5

    Izuku inherited his quirk at a very young age. Izuku loved his quirk and with it he would become the greatest hero ever! Until one day everything in his life fell apart, Kacchan who he had always had a great friendship with was seriously injured. There were so many heroes on the seen and yet they did nothing, not even...

  • amanama!★║Ochako Uraraka X Reader║
    154K 3.5K 31

    [F/N] just moved to Musutafu, Japan and is attending a new school, U.A. High School! He finds a few familiar faces, but an unexpected situation occurs and he's forced to act! How will he deal with it? And what will be the outcome? This story began on: August 25, 2018 This story ended on: December 25, 2018 Highest Rank...

  • Curiosity - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | Izuku x Nejire
    231K 3.5K 21

    She is a super curious person, one of the Big Three and a senior in U.A. What happens when she finds herself more curious of a certain green-haired boy who didn't use his quirk during most of the Sports Festival?

  • Fairy Tail x Male Reader
    197K 3.2K 29

    A young boy joins fairy tail after being found by Gildarts

  • Pyrrha Nikos x male spartan reader
    130K 1.4K 28