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  • President Daddy Super Awesome
    749K 18.8K 78

    In order to take away her father's shares, her husband colluded with her bestfriend to set her up. A divorce was thrown at her face and she was forced out of the house. Four years later, she returned with an adorable treasure. With his hands wrapped around her waist, her baby son said, "Mommy, I heard that it's the t...

  • The Driver.
    263K 15.9K 31

    "Sir. I've done my job. Is there anything else?" I smiled cockily. "I specifically asked for a male driver, you're obviously a woman. I should get a refund for the amount I've paid for this. I'm tired of women trying to do me or manipulate me instead of just doing their jobs." Was he insane? I just had to spell it o...

  • The kitten claims her mate (complete)
    671K 24.5K 20

    A curious and mischievous kitten explores in the night and finds a warm werewolf to curl up next to. Betty has been having dreams that make no sense. They are filled with abstract shiny objects and warm delicious smells. Plus she can't explain the odd things happening in her room. If she didn't know better, she'd thin...

  • The Pure Wolves {The Pure Series} [Book One] Starting to RE-EDIT
    350K 8.6K 27

    A beautiful werewolf girl is going to the 'Teasing.' The 'Teasing' is known as a world wide party for teenagers who already went through the shifting stage, but haven't found their mate yet. Yvonne just turned sixteen a month ago, but hasn't found her mate yet. She's the strongest there is in the Galaxies pack. One of...

  • Yes, Master
    605K 7.4K 32

    "Shut up" He moved back eyeing me lustfully. I stood there nervously but didn't say anything. "Strip" I looked up at him like he was crazy but before I could protest I stopped myself. I looked into his eyes and it was as if they were silently daring me to disobey him. I looked down as I quickly undid the ribbon that h...

  • Dangerous Promises
    987K 30.9K 99

    Part 2 to Dangerous Love

  • Pretty For A Black Girl
    645K 22.9K 34

    Nani has liked Niall since they were children. When she confessed his love he didn't just turn her down he told her she was, "Pretty for a black girl." It hurt her as a child but her love for him never altered. As new love interest come along can he realize his true feelings for her? Or will his current and racially a...

  • The Emergence Of The Alpha Twins ( UNDER REVISING )
    786K 23.4K 49

    "You belong to us." "Not one of us, but both of us." "We will share you." "For you are our mate." "We're both Alphas." "And if we wanted to, we could turn you into one of us." "Right here." "Right now." I glance between the beautiful, muscular men as they stare into my eyes. Both twins that radiate under the full m...

  • Living with the Badboy🌹 l (BWWM) ✔️
    1M 39.1K 59

    The story is about Malia and Liam. Malia is African (Sudanese) and Liam is White.

  • The Royal Heir(BWWM/Interracial)
    1.8M 75.1K 36

    Amora's life has never been easy but she never complained. Although it was only her mother and her that was all she ever needed to be happy and contented. When she lost the one person who has ever loved her her world seemed to have crumbled from beneath her feet. That is until one night of pleasure with a dark mysteri...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jun Ye Can't Help But Tease His Wife
    1M 22.9K 106

    Definitely Not My Story!!! This is Machine Translated Novel!!! Link: Author: Āotú mán / 凹凸蛮 Rumor has it that the empire's first general, Shen Chengfeng, has a quirk that does not allow anyone to touch his body! But on a certain day, not only did...

  • Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort (ON HOLD)
    640K 19.8K 112

    She was a medical genius from the Noah Medical Academy as well as a drug producing specialist. After sleeping for three days, she had returned to the ancient era and become the loyal marquis palace's ignorant and silly young miss. He was the supreme king of the Jia Luo Kingdom, with prestige around the whole world. Wi...

  • The Prince's Wife
    79.8K 3.5K 41

    As the daughter of General Yan of the great country of Yin Shang, her duty lies with the royal Pan clan, whose sole orders hold her and her father's lives. On the day Yan Qing turned 19, the Crown Prince of Yin Shang sent out an order - for her to go undercover as a servant into their nemesis' territory: Jin Tang. Alo...

  • Little Miss Beta
    460K 13K 29

    Scarlett Brooke was rudely awakened from her daydream as a bucket filled with wolfsbane crashed down on her. Her lips trembled in pain as the demonic, cursed liquid swirled around her body. She felt her eyes start to close automatically as her entire body shook, almost like she had parkinson. Her brain went into malf...

  • Stella
    430K 15.5K 41

    My name is Stella Shay. I'm a werewolf. You probably think "Oh that's so cool!" but its not. I'm abused by my entire pack. My room is the a cell where they should keep prisoners. I have been beat and raped to many times to count. My brother is the only person who cares for me. I turn 16 soon though. I might find my ma...

  • My Mate is a Monster
    8.5M 222K 50

    The black wolf looked towards me after I gasped and his piercing green eyes stared into my bright blue ones. It felt as if time had stopped, and that the only people in the field were him and me. After what seemed like an eternity, I saw him shift back and then whisper, "Mine." ****** Started on 6/22/2016, Completed o...

  • Raped by my boss's son [TERMINATED]
    119K 3.4K 150

    17 in the general fiction category on May 13, 2017. SHORT PARTS (except the first ten) = about 5 hours of reading (145 chapters) A woman and a man. Feelings. Choices and behaviors that will change their lives. French Version: Started November 23, 2015, and ended November 16, 2017. English Version: Started August 10...

    Completed   Mature
  • ...
    276K 8.9K 143

  • Blandon High: The Devil's Heir (AVAILABLE ON DREAME)
    165K 5.3K 74

    Highest Rank Achieved: #2 in Mystery/Thriller ConquerAwards2018 1st Runner Up in Mystery/Thriller Category ***** Blandon High isn't just an ordinary school. It may look ordinary because you can see students with a smile on their faces everywhere. But, I'm warning you, it's DEADLY. Blandon High has an isolated campus...

  • Property of the Mafia
    1.8M 43.5K 47

    Linette Cyan did not expect to give up her ordinary nineteen year-old life as wedding dowry in an arranged marriage. Engaged to a charismatic and compelling man who seeks rebellion against his powerful father, Linette finds herself plummeting into the same bloodbath of mystery as her vengeful fiancé. She soon discover...

  • To be reborn as a General
    571K 22K 107

    She's the CEO of the deadliest assassin's company and also renowned as the Empress and Demoness and an expert of getting people to unite making an invincible group.Due to an unknown disease she died at her sleep unknowingly,she woke up and found herself on another body. "Where the hell I am ?!"she looks around and sa...

  • bellyblack king and Medicine princess
    122K 4K 29

    Lisa was an orphan who was abandoned by the parents at birth. She has grown in the orphanage till 15, later started learning Chinese medicine as an apprentice for more than10 yrs. This year finally she was able to learn the acupuncture techniques. As she was unable to find love throughout her life because of work, she...

  • Handsome Lord, Please Mind My Heart
    80.1K 3.1K 41

    A mocked good-for-nothing gluttonous 'waste'. Ashura Nizana was tricked by her father into an unfortunate arranged marriage with the eldest son of a court official. However this 'waste' has plans of her own. She is determined to break off this engagement to pursue her lifelong goal, reach the peak of the martial worl...

  • Transmigrator meets Reincarnator II
    9.6K 563 28

    Modern woman Xia Meixiang was an avid fan of Xuanhuan novels. After reading a recommended novel her net-friend sent her, she found herself cursing out the entire plot of the novel after just one read. Two reads and she was ready to throttle her same-name character. After three, she blasted the author on the forum. Fee...

  • Catching Feelings [bwwm]
    587K 30.8K 33

    C O M P L E T E D ☼ Book 2 ☼ - catch·ing feel·ings beginning to like someone romantically, but usually unexpectedly - Remember your favorite spitfire Mia? Well, she's back and with her new best friend Liv by her side. While Jonathan and Liv are mending their relationship, some of the love going around rubs...

  • A Taste Of The Forbidden (Editing)
    494K 19.2K 34

    On her boss's orders. "Who are You!?" he demanded from her. She glance up at her angry looking boss, and was a little bit frightened by the impeding huge rugged looking man. She stood up on her feet, and faced him.Trembling,she tried mumbling out. "I'm-I'm...Elizabeth." He stared down at her, arms crossed as he eyed...

  • OBSESSED LOVE (Slowly Editing)
    921K 29K 57

    He swallowed, suddenly getting sweaty. "You have no clue how a child is made?" his tone stupefied as he asked. She nodded. His eyes widened. "How old are you?" Her brows arched up at him. "Twenty four. How has that got to relate to the topic on the ground? ...

    47.4K 854 12

    NOTE: THIS IS NOT STORY FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY... AUTHOR: TANG-YU "Su Jian An, you are my woman! Don't you run away from me, it's too late!" "Lu Bao Yan, I know what you did out there with other women!" "Su Jian An!" "Lu Bao Yan, I also want to fi...

  • Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife
    2.9M 58.1K 26

    Walking up the stairs I hear-a woman? With brisk steps I open the door and gasp "What the hell?" Micheal looks up, stopping his movement "Ma-maisy." I slam the door running down the steps hearing him yell behind me. I have no second thoughts while getting in my car speeding away and leaving the only man I loved. •T...

  • Runaway wife
    10.2K 179 27

    Skylar Dan is the world's most typical girl. she had gotten married to a billionaire with the name of Lucus Hawk. It was an arranged marriage after all and Skylar didn't know what she was getting herself into when she agreed. It turns out that the handsome billionaire is a passive one. She wanted to leave him after co...