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  • Born Ready (Peter Parker X Reader)
    5.5K 186 17

    Y/N, lady of mischief. from the word mischief, you could guess that she's the daughter of Loki, god of mischief. You may see her as the evil daughter of his truly, but she's just a girl who wants her happy ending, either it would be with her father or with someone else. But because of the "snap " (thought this story...

  • Peter Parker x reader : Stark's | Second Chance
    50.1K 2.6K 8

    "Let's give him a harder hug this time!"

  • Diss Track | Peter Parker x Reader
    312K 17.5K 41

    ˚✧ They gave me heartache and in return i gave a song ♪

  • 30 Days [Peter Parker x Reader]
    119K 4.7K 34

    "Hey Mr.Delamar- uh... who are you?" In which Peter Parker has 30 days to win over your heart. __________ [Peter Parker x Reader] Storyline and plot belongs to me. All Marvel characters belong to... well Marvel. And you, yourself. Cool. Votes and Comments are apppreciated __________ This is my first fanfiction, so im...

  • Suit Of Armor
    54.5K 1.4K 15

    "You've got your own suit of armor kid, and it's not the good kind," "I get it from you," Spencer Anna Stark was six when her mother fought and won full custody over her. Her life is downhill from there, with her mother gaining an addiction to drugs and becoming abusive, she begins to build walls around her heart. Wh...

  • The Forgotten Asgardian; a Marvel Fanfiction
    194 22 8

    The mighty Thor returns to earth with his mischievous brother Loki, Valkyrie, and Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk). Although welcomed by his Avenger allies, he and Loki are intrigued to find a new member of the crew, a young girl. Thor senses that she's special but isn't sure why. Meanwhile Loki finds himself fallin...

  • A Long, Long Time Ago... ~ Peter Parker x Reader
    16.6K 400 31

    "You, my sister, are a strange creature. " ~Bucky Barnes "Why aren't you normal, Y/n? " ~Peter Parker "I'm weird, get over it." ~ Y/n Barnes A long, long time ago, I was a normal girl with a normal family. 70 years later, I still had a family, just not normal... Y/n Barnes was taken from Hydra in the 1940's and was cl...

  • Lost In Her Past (Civil War Fanfic)
    113K 2.9K 32

    May 25, 2012. 35H-GQ. That was her name. A name for the girl who was left on the streets by her mother at the age of 2. A name for the girl who was imprisoned, tortured, and abused by none other than HYDRA. They saw her as a chance, an opportunity to test their dangerous, life-threatening experiments. It took 6 years...

  • Like Father, Like Daughter
    53.5K 1.3K 15

    Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist...father? Tony Stark has dealt with gods, aliens and terrorists. The thing he doesn't know how to deal with? Finding out he has a fifteen-year-old daughter. A daughter with bruises she won't talk about. A daughter who's been living on the streets. A daughter who is clearly...

  • Iron Soul [2]
    14.9K 355 19

    "To lose someone you love is to alter your life forever... The pain stops, but the gap never closes... This hole in your heart is the shape of the one you lost - no one else can fit it." Book 1: Iron Heart Book 2: Iron Soul

  • Raising a Baby (Tony Stark Style)
    77.8K 1.8K 21

    Tony Stark had no idea what he was getting himself into when he found that baby girl, abandoned by her family. He's clueless about how to raise a kid, let alone a mutant genius one. (continues through the MCU)

  • Secretly Stark
    2K 163 40

    Skyler, a teenage girl, finds out that her parents aren't actually her parents. She learns that Tony Stark is her real dad. Skyler moves in with Tony in the Avengers HQ. Skyler's life may sound amazing, but it isn't all the time. For one, her dad is very busy with saving the world and business work. Also, she is alway...

  • Peter Parker x reader : Strange's
    241K 12.5K 27

    "Don't be a stranger!"

  • Peter Parker x reader : Stark's
    3.4M 109K 55

    "Let's give Peter a little hug from another Stark."