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  • Hamilton Watches Hamilton the Musical
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    The Hamiltons, joined by their friends and family watch 'Hamilton: An American Musical' by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lost loved ones come back to join them, as well as those not mentioned. DISCLAIMER: ALL RIGHTS TO THE SONGS USED BELONG TO LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA

  • Hamilton watches Hamilton
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    Like the title says. They watch their own musical. Someone needs to hug Maria Reynolds. No one deserves Eliza. Jefferson, stop being racist. Washington is just very confused. Trigger warnings inside!! (this is also on ArchiveOfOurOwn at tonkystank so go read it there if you want to--) (discontinued; sorry yall)

  • Hamilton Watches Hamilton!!
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    Alexander Hamilton and friends somehow timetravel to the future where they watch a musical based on their lives! - - - - - - - - Disclaimer- I don't own anything

  • Hamilton Watches Hamilton
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    Is the title not self-explanatory enough? I'm also too lazy to write a description. Enjoy!

  • Hamilton watches Hamilton
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    Alexander Hamilton and his friends and enemies watch Hamilton the musical! If you want to find out what Jefferson's opinion on most of Hamilton's songs then you will want to read this. Cursing will be written because Hamilton songs swear... This is not historically accurate. Disclaimer: All songs belong to Lin Manuel...

  • The founding fathers reacting to Hamilon.
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    What if Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, Lafayette, James Maddison, King George III, Angelica Schuyler, Eliza Schuyler, Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds all found themselves transported from the late 80's to the future? What would happen if somebody...

  • Hamilton characters watch 'Hamilton'
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    I love these story but their isn't a lot of them out there so I'm making one, Cursing- honestly you should expect that this is Hamilton music!

  • Hamilton Musical
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    *I do not own Hamilton* Alexander Hamilton and a few other are teleported into a strange room with a large screen. A note is found saying that they will be staying in this room watching a play on Hamilton life. The note also explains that more people will come and go as the play moves along.

  • Hamilton watches Hamilton
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    What happens when all the characters, (the real people) from Hamilton wake up in a cinema-like room, to watch a musical about... themselves? READ TO FIND OUT.

  • Watching the Musical
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    The Founding Fathers are pulled into a room to watch hamilton .... there is no other way to explain this.

  • Musicals reacts to Musicals
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    The peeps from Hamilton react to musicals and maybe other stuff. I will add other characters from other musicals that they react to and some might stay and others will just stay for theirs! • Hamilton • Newsies • Wicked • Heathers •Les Miserables • Be More Chill • Something Rotten #1 React 🏅 #1 pleaseread🏅

  • Hamilton Watches Hamilton
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    This is gonna be a story about the characters from Hamilton watching the musical. (ps. I'm not actually going by historical physical characteristics. they go with the original cast) characters involved: Alex, John, Laf, Herc, GWash, MarthaWash, Eliza, Peggy, Angelica, A-A-ron, King Georgie: 1781 TJeffs and JMads : 178...