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  • Remnants DOOM (RWBY x Doom)
    107K 1.2K 18

    the Doom slayer has defeated the mastermind and the forces of hell. samuel Hayden has sent the slayer away from the mars facility to a new world. one where not everything is trying to kill him. I do not own Doom or RWBY they belong to their respective owners.

  • Doom: Ashes to ashes, dust to Dust
    5.8K 84 5

    This is a continuation of the DOOM 2016 ending, what if after being teleported by Hayden, The Doomslayer was sent to Remnant? I own nothing from these franchises and never will.

  • The Child Of Baldur ( Baldur Male Reader X RWBY Harem )
    1.9K 33 2

    "Baldur the Norse God of light. Before his death at the hands of the God Of War Kratos, he had made love to a woman. Said woman ended giving birth to a boy named (Y/n) who was born after his father's death" "And like his father he held the same curse as his father except he could actually feel, but not pain. And now...

  • Brother Of The Beast: Male Reader X Blake Belladonna
    67.5K 1.3K 25

    After your parents were killed at a young age, you were raised by your brother Adam Taurus. Under his guiding, you became a skilled swordsman, and together the two of you work your way up the ranks of the White Fang. After a clash of ideals, you leave the White Fang and seek out Blake Belladonna in hopes that she can...

    Completed   Mature