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  • Riverside's Perfect Murder
    5.7K 527 35

    Detective Rita Rawlins got the ten-sixty-five call "Armed Robbery in Progress." Rita arrived at the Riverside Savings and Loan to find the security guard killed. It quickly became less about a robbery and more about a precision hit with zero clues. Except one of the bullets is laced with poison. When Rita falls in lov...

  • The Flow of Time
    147 29 1

    'Why had time been born?', it asks itself. People call upon it, others try to hide from it, and there are those who welcome it with open arms. The creator had bestowed upon it but a simple task, to play the game of hide and seek to the 'end of time'. A simple set of rules it has to follow - the players' breath will gu...

  • Pathfinder
    982 72 13

    Ever since the Inquisition took their mother, Kirsha and her younger sister Damitri have been on the run. However, after months of being careful and watching their steps, Kirsha wakes up to find that the one person left in her life has been taken. Intent on getting Damitri back from the Inquistors, Kirsha will have to...

  • Savage
    32K 1.6K 14

    Sahara lives in a society without men-a flawless utopia; at least, that's what everyone keeps telling her. But Sahara knows perfection comes at a cost, and she's spent her entire life acting the part of a warden's obedient daughter. She is expected to follow her mother's footsteps, to become a warden of the incarcerat...