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  • The Hound {Supported Story}
    26.6K 2.9K 66

    Newlyweds Nat and Liz inadvertently invite evil into their home when the taxidermied hound they bought at an auction turns out the be more than it seems. Winner of the 2018 Wattys "Hidden Gems" category Wattpad Next/Supported story as of 3/11/19

  • The Lost Girls
    8.7K 600 19

    BOOK 1 Peter Pan. The boy who never grew up. The boy who makes all your wishes come true with the help of a fairy. What if I told you that was all a lie? That the boy who never grew up was really a monster who feeds on young boys' youth? And he got my brother and I'm going to get him back no matter what the costs. Me...

  • CURMUDGEON (2018 Watty Wildcard Winner)
    5.6K 1.2K 47

    Supernatural meets Grumpy Old Men. Richard had always believed he'd enjoy a few golden years before Death's bony hand reached for him. But what does he get? He gets to live across the hall from friggin' Stan Kapcheck with his shiny bald head and perfect teeth that were all his own, Stan Kapcheck who struts around like...

    218K 17.9K 49

    **FEATURED STORY JULY 2018* **WATTPAD HQ READ OF THE WEEK AUGUST 2018* **WATTYS 2018 WINNER** Casey Brogan is on a mission to self-destruct. Whether it's booze, drugs or men, she's spiralling out of control and stepping over the line, to destroy the demons of her past and herself in the process. Ethan Drake isn't...

  • Heart of the Sky | Gay Titanic
    68.8K 4.9K 34

    [2018 Watty Award Winner] A love story doomed to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Brando and Daxten form an unlikely friendship at an airport before falling in love on their ill-fated flight to New York City.

  • Rebirth \\A Supernatural Spinoff// [2018 Watty Award Winner]
    29K 2.3K 39

    Jessica Moore. Jo Harvelle. Meg Masters. Charlie Bradbury. Four women from four different walks of life. They all share one thing in common: they were at one time associated with Sam and Dean Winchester. Oh, and they're all dead. So it comes as a great shock to these four women when a feathery friend of the Winches...

  • Given - (Formerly Dragon Given) - Book 1
    1M 82.6K 68

    **2018 Wattys Worldbuilders Award Winner!** Yenni, a princess of the Yirba tribe, has never feared a challenge. After a year of watching her father waste away to a mysterious illness she sets off for the empire of Cresh, where she'll attend their top magic academy and find a way to save him. But abroad she faces hards...

  • The Descendants - A 2018 Wattys Award Winner!
    93.6K 3.3K 7

    ❇️ 2018 WATTYS WINNER! The Originals category ❇️ - "The Breakfast Club" meets "Veronica Mars" in this most unusual YA Mystery. Using ACTUAL, archival material (some dating as far back as 1776), The Descendants weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue, constructed entirely from real photographs, documents, and snippets o...

  • Black Ice | Deathsworn #1
    407K 48.6K 47

    Getting reincarnated with her memory intact was the last thing Evyionne wanted. Fed up by the life she'd had before, all she wanted was to fade away into oblivion. But when did things ever go her way, right? Throw in the fact that she gets reborn in a world where, blessed by eight mythical entities, people called Cond...

  • Lucius [Wattys2018 Shortlisted!]
    9.5M 451K 55

    Three simple rules. Rules that she broke one by one. There is a reason buried things should stay buried. • "Your father has made a fool out of himself, thinking he could control me," Lucius said, in a low voice. "Please let me go," Veronica whispered, afraid of what he would do to her. "He should've never set foot nea...

  • The Northern Crown
    126K 7.9K 18

    Sometimes people crash into your life. Other times they crash into you - quite literally.

  • Deadwater Kings
    21.8K 1.8K 29

    ❛power isn't everything. it's the only thing.❜ wattys 2018 winner ❧ Lin is a hunter, one of the magically enhanced witch slayers that roam a flooded world. Under the laws of four Kings and Greymark, who rules them all, Lin is untouchable. She could massacre thousands and no-one would blink. But she is a pawn a...

  • Hidden Truths|✓
    89.2K 5.5K 24

    {FEATURED STORY AND WATTYS SHORT LIST 2018} Olivia Parker was found dead in the lake. Wesley Owens was found on the bridge above her. Their group of friends were broken by this tragedy and forced to pick sides. No one wanted to believe the Golden Boy of the Fairweather would murder someone, especially one of his olde...

  • Win-vasion
    590 122 5

    [WATTYS 2018 SHORTLIST] Aliens have invaded the earth and surprisingly, they're! It's up to the best negotiator on the planet, Dirk Sanchez, to face off against the leader of "The Winners". Can shameless manipulation triumph over casual brutality, or will humanity fall prey to a narcissistic, win-obs...

  • The Descent [Featured]
    22.5K 2.7K 64

    Highest Rank: #18 Shortlisted for The Wattys 2018 Wattpad Featured in April'18 When a diplomatic intercept is found to contain an item that could have disastrous effects on the Interplanetary Olympic Games, Denton Staxx has to take extreme measures to prevent the worst from happening. During his search for the perpetr...

  • How to Be a Girl
    221K 15.4K 31

    [WATTYS 2018 WINNER: THE CONTEMPORARIES] After learning the hard way that being "one of the guys" has its disadvantages (such as having your crush laugh at you in the face after you confess), Jordan enlists the help of her two best friends to teach how to be what she isn't--how to be a girl.

  • The Last Princess
    4.2M 217K 92

    amazing cover by @ellebonnett #1 Fantasy 1/20/2018 *warning* completely unedited, so proceed with caution EDITED version on my profile ************************************************************************************* Elvina is the eighth princess of the elven forest. She had seven older sisters. All of them are de...

  • Water In A Time Of Thirst
    8.5K 840 59

    ☆☆The Wattys 2018 Shortlist!!☆☆ ◇◇ please note, this is a rough draft, so any helpful suggestions to improve the story are welcome ◇◇ During a historic nationwide drought, desert-land stretches as far as the eye can see, but there are some people called Water Witchers who have the ability to sense and find water benea...

  • Misfit Theater Company (Wattys Winner 2018)
    171K 14.6K 51

    ❤️ WATTYS 2018 WINNER ❤️ WATTPAD FEATURED ❤️ When sixteen-year-old Janie Myers' grades hit an all-time low, she is pulled from her blow-off class with her best friend and placed into a course the guidance counselor says will boost her confidence: theater. There, she meets a group of theater "misfits" who accept her in...

  • Blood of Azura (Shortlisted for The Wattys 2018)
    402K 23.7K 40

    Four realms at war, a princess enslaved, a warrior in love. ~ 'The sooner you abandon your pride and forget your loyalty to Azura, the less painful these lessons will be for you,' he whispered. 'The sooner you remember who spared you, and who you belong to now, the more pleasurable these lessons will be for you.' He...

  • Untethered
    1.1M 46.6K 58

    [COMPLETED] Wattys2018 Shortlist! PROMOTED ON COSMOPOLITAN.COM Highest rank #6 on Chicklit What's Hot List FOLLOW ME FOR EXCLUSIVE UPDATES ❤ ----------------------------------------- When Emma's grandma dies, new evidence comes to light about the unsolved murder of her dad, 25 years before. While she hunts for a...

  • Sea Glass | ✓
    486K 31.1K 36

    *Shortlisted for the Wattys!* It's been eight years since Olivia Catheart nearly drowned in the waters of Caldwell Beach, urging her parents to move her far away from the sea to the safe confines of the city. Olivia left behind her home, her best friend, and the two most important boys in her life: Miles and Weston He...

  • Revenge of the Sluts
    196K 11.1K 27

    WATTYS 2018 WINNER | WATTPAD FEATURED STORY FIRST, there was the email of nude photographs sent to everyone at St. Joseph's High School. THEN, there was the assignment that forced Eden Jeong to write about it for the school newspaper. - After a mass-email containing nude photographs of female students was sent to E...

  • Venus, Trapp
    1.8K 119 37

    *Shortlisted for the Wattys 2018* There will be a trap in forty days. Venus Whitaker has got nothing to do with the trap... or does she? #realitywithatwist

  • Candid |✓
    28.9K 4.1K 100

    | WATTYS 2018 WINNER: THE POETS | ❝Only when one can smile at her own reflection, be proud of her own thoughts and be happy with who she is, will she learn to fall in love with a candid picture.❞ Unveiled, unmasked, revealed. Displayed for the world to see, is her true personality. At first, she believed thoughts we...

  • Breathing Fire | ✓
    254K 15.3K 27

    [ Wattpad Featured Story ] "the trick is to keep breathing" Twenty one year old self-proclaimed people reader Parker Adams is on a mission: find out what the hell happened to Carter James over the summer...and well try not to fall for him in the process. But she fails. Rather miserably. #8 in humour 10/01/18

  • Masquerade
    4.7K 578 5

    WATTYS 2018 SHORTLIST "Every person is a book, Wyn. You just need to find the right way to read them." In the land of Vynam, all must wear masks to stop the spectres from eating their souls. Eighteen-year-old Wyn was a talented mask-maker apprentice - but not anymore. Now, she's a spy, an imposter and a murderess. Af...

  • RED: Welcome To Fayetteville | Complete ✔️
    200K 15.8K 77

    [Highest Ranks] ***2018 Watty's Shortlist*** ***FEATURED STORY*** #1 in Novels #5 in Murder Mysteries #6 in Mystery / Thriller Kathrine Woods was headed to Fayetteville, a small town in Tennessee where everybody knows everybody. This small town was full of surprises, and Kathrine Woods would be one of them.... they th...

  • Eridanus Flooding (WATTY 2018 WINNER)
    72.8K 6.4K 74

    Commander Jack Rhodes is a retired Navy Seal. Well. Retired isn't what he would call it. More like fired. Yes. Fired would be the correct choice of word. No one retires at the age of 32. When a mission went wrong, leaving Jack as the only survivor of his team, the U.S. government decided that Jack had earned time off...

  • Kings and Thieves
    28.8K 4.4K 48

    **WATTY'S SHORTLISTED** **featured on a Wattpad Pick's hot off the press!** The beautiful island kingdoms of the Detache Ocean have been flourishing for eight hundred and seventy years. Ari and Aveline, two lawless pirates, have been happily robbing every one of them for about five. But Lyla Quincy, the daughter of th...