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  • Sunflower
    207 26 3

    "If I could I'd change over night. I'd turn into something you'd like." Stories and entries about a heart wrenching time that inevitably comes at some point in life. This is for all of the hopeless romantics out there. May your wandering hearts all find a home.

  • Harry Tales
    1.9M 34.3K 86

    A collection of sexy short stories with twists and feels (and smut and smut and smut). All of these stories contain explicit sexual content. Some of them contain violence and recreational drug use. Please use discretion. Most impressive rankings // #1 in Short Story and 51 in Fanfiction!

    Completed   Mature
  • Inclination [H.S.]
    1M 36.6K 40

    ♡ The year is 1994 and Harry is having a reawakening and discovery. ♡ By popular demand, the much-loved story from Harry Tales gets its very own book! Most Impressive Rankings //#1 in Discovery, #2 in Wattpride, #2 in Queer, #3 in Pride, #4 in Pansexual, #55 in Harry! This story contains several explicit sexual scen...

    Completed   Mature