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  • Lance x Reader Lemon/Smut Oneshots
    24.9K 240 3

    i love lance from voltron: legendary defender way too much so i need a book dedicated to him

  • MHA Lemons
    60.7K 924 22

    Lemons. One-shots, Small chapters of angst. Most lemons. -- Please *DM* your request to me. And tell me if you want to be tagged or NOT.

  • The Café
    31 2 3

    A short story about a café that gets intriguing customers. Please PM me if you think there is anything I should add. This story is meant to be built on.

  • Love can rewrite the stars
    11.1K 80 45

    Boy x boy role play

  • Voltron Legendary Defenders|| Next Gen 2.0
    439 19 29

    I thought I might update this due to the show and to my drawing skills,plus some things I want to add to the characters.