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  • Perfect
    940 102 5

    A certain love potion gets mixed up with a bottle of whiskey at a party. Amy's plan to get Sonic to love her fails as Sonic is dared to drink the bottle. The effect is strong than anyone anticipated. Futa Lemons (No warnings)

  • Pills for Affection
    3.8K 293 11

    Addiction is an awful thing. Eggman's plan was give Shadow a set of pills to fuel his temptation to kill Sonic. Shadow only took the pills for the chaos emeralds Eggman offered. When the pills are switched out for an antidote Tails creates after Shadow nearly kills Sonic, Shadow takes them without realizing to finis...

  • Haunted
    2.5K 251 14

    Sonic is haunted by a ghost who won't leave him alone. This ghost is particularly after Sonic's body. Lemons

  • Singer's Trap
    513 105 4

    Sonic the Hedgehog is a young singer. In a world of peace, the Hedgehog perused a career in singing and the ocational acting job. With that job comes fan mail. With fans, there are creeps and stalkers. Amy Rose is one of his stalkers, sending him mysterious packages and envelopes with pictures of him. His assistant...

  • Brain Damage -Complete-
    4.7K 218 10

    Shadow The Hedgehog has been diagnosed with brain damage, he refuses to tell anyone but will he be able to keep it for long? Read more to find out. ⚠️Contains Suicide. Don't read if effected by it⚠️

    Completed   Mature
  • Legal Love
    1.5K 104 6

    Sequel to Illegal love. -under construction-

  • Sonadow- Illegal Love
    11.8K 694 30

    New leader, New rules, right? A young dark Hedgehog takes control and makes the world his perfect world. Not even world wide know hero sonic the hedgehog is safe one his own mind along with a familiar dark male hedgehog, shadow the hedgehog. Especially once they found out they have fallen for each other unexpectedly...

    Completed   Mature
  • •Sonadow When Can You Be Mine•
    6.2K 344 19

    Sonic has found himself loving another, a familiar hedgehog that looks like him, some möbian that he can't have. Will he ever be able to love him or will he be hurt forever? .:WARNING MAY CONTAIN:. Self Hate Self Harm Depression Suicide Thoughts Abuse(verbal and physical) And maybe a few other things .:JUST SO YOUR W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Through Text (Sonadow)
    5.9K 636 29

    After many years of rivalry against everyone, Rouge grew tired of seeing Shadow always being alone. Due to the fact that he was always busy with G.U.N. or would lock himself in his house, Rouge decided to show Shadow how to use a phone and start online dating. Of course the ebony one refused but what happens when he s...

  • Illusions (Sonadow)
    2.3K 260 17

    Sonic and Shadow are in a relationship, they trust and love each other with all their heart, but what happens when Infite finds out about them?

  • Broken Apart (Sonadow)
    16K 755 25

    Sonic has been dating Amy for a year, but one day he learned that she was cheating on him the whole time. He was heartbroken, he didn't talk to anyone, except a stranger that he's been texting for a few weeks.

  • Mission Impossible (Sonadow)
    741 168 12

    Shadow and Sonic are assigned a very dangerous mission with Rouge and Omega. This isn't a problem for Rouge or Omega, but the two hedgehogs aren't so happy about it, since they both secretly have feelings for one another. No one knows about Shadow's feelings and no one knows about Sonic's. The problem? Homosexuality i...

  • Poisoned (Sonadow)
    23.9K 1.2K 35

    Sonic got poisoned by one of Dr.Eggman's robots, but no one can take care of him, except Shadow.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Kidnapper's Key
    15.1K 704 34

    To wake up in a strange place, with strange people. Stolen away from the people and life you had. No escape, so what now? Sonilver vs Sonic x lots of others (didn't feel like listing them.) Sonic uke 😉

    Completed   Mature
  • A Real Relationship
    2.9K 332 15

    No childhood, no love life. Since Sonic was five he dedicated his life to the war against the Robotniks. fighting the first Robotnik until he was twelve before the next came along. The second Robotnik changed his name to Eggman, the villan Sonic fought in the present at age 15. No family to counsel him or teach him, a...

  • Back on Earth
    7.5K 565 30

    Accidentally reactivating the machine Tails and Chuck Thorndike built for chaos control, Christopher Thorndike managed to resummon the Sonic team and more. Noticing some slight changes, the new atmosphere is helping to develop previous feelings. Shadow and Silver, not notice before, now had to compete with each other...

  • Broken Glass
    42.9K 1.6K 35

    Trapped, trapped for so long. He lost hope of light, hope to every see the day again. He didn't remember his past life very well. He waits in the dark, not knowing why. Gore Violence Lemons ? Sonic uke

    Completed   Mature
  • From My Kingdom to Yours (Sonadow vs Sonamy vs Sonilver)
    12.6K 894 38

    Engaged from the moment they met, Sonic and Amy begin living together as soon as they turned 10. Living an unhappy life when a new ally comes by, the Ebony prince, Shadow, has other ideas for Sonic.

    Completed   Mature
  • Collage Freshman
    2.1K 219 16

    A collage freshmen, just newly turned eighteen, and has no idea what major he wants. Sonic the Hedgehog meets a senior who has complete interest in his seemily innocent nature and young aged personality. Making Sonic her boyfriend is the only way Rouge ensures she has Sonic to herself. Sonic's unwanting of her atten...

  • G.U.N's Escaped Test
    34.9K 1.3K 37

    An experiment, an extremely hostile one. Created to fight in wars and kill all enemies at given orders. Shadow was created for the "Benifet of Man kind" but using a mobian form to create the Ultamite Life form. He remained secret from the public, attacking anyone who entered his cell. That was until a ble hedgehog...

    Completed   Mature
  • House Wife
    11.8K 934 29

    3 years ago, Sonic was forced to Marry Fleetaway. For three years he's been kept in the house and tortured. Wearing was Fleetaway likes, saying not to displease him and doing as he says. He drinks in secret and hopes to one day get a divorce. One day, Shadow comes to visit. Becoming found of Fleetaways house wife, v...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Belong To You
    10.1K 636 25

    A known hedgehog of higher class, Shadow the Hedgehog. His life peaceful with his servants at work. It's suddenly interrupted when his friends get him a slave he never desired. Now he has to deal with a broken hedgehog who does his every word, and his conflicting feelings. Sonadow vs Sonamy Sonic uke 🍋🍋Lemons 🍋🍋 (...

    Completed   Mature
  • It Only Took One Night
    1.3K 117 12

    It took one night to change everything. Women with male genitalia, all larger than the average males. The ability to claim a man, women's body's changed all in one night. A mysterious bright light covered mobians, changing the bodies of females who were going through puberty or were beyond it. Now the world has been...

  • Just Another High School (Sonadow vs Sonourge)
    17.2K 580 30

    Sonic's high school gets a group of new student in the new year. The sudden group of transfers is strange at first but Sonic ignores it, that is of course until a certain black and red hedgehog pulls him away from everyone. Sonic thinking nothing can get worse winds up is a worse situation went a scared green hedgehog...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Vampire (Sonadow vs Sonourge vs Mephonicilver)
    30.1K 1.6K 64

    Sonic Uke / Silver Uke & Seme / Shadow, Mephalis, Scourge Seme Two, no technically three princes of darkness. They live hidden from the mortals they hunt. Dispite a vampire's pray being mortals, one blue hedgie fears humans for that fight. Found by a mortal named Shadow has to deal with the very thing he hates. A va...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost
    3.8K 440 22

    It was a fight that lead to Sonic's disappearance. This wasn't a normal fight, it was floating over his weakness... water. When Sonic's friends can't get him out from the water in time, each gives up over time. If he's still alive, is he wounded? How did he avoid drowning? And if he didn't go home, where is he?

  • Nightshade
    3.2K 392 16

    Eclipse's species is endaged, it had been for a while now. It's down to two females, Eclipse needs to find another who is compatible with his alien race before the last hatchling dies. With mobian females being too frail to handle the birth, Eclipse makes a discovery. A certain male who was strong enough, and very muc...

  • No Choice
    10.9K 920 36

    Sonic x Shadow x Silver x Mephiles x Scourge A high school were students are separated by intellegants, behavior, physical ability, and social life. Moving from the privet buildings to the public school, Sonic is left in New territory. He meets four new hedgehogs in a school building where no one's cares for their...

  • Not What They Seem
    87K 3.1K 47

    (Sonic: Uke ; Shadow: Seme) Lemons warning. You all know the cheerful, cocky, fun side of Sonic the Hedgehog. But what does he do when he's not battling Eggman, hanging out with the gang, running, or napping some where? perhaps that's a secret Shadow will keep after spotting sonic from a tree near his window. What c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Picking and Choosing
    20.1K 962 45

    Shadow and his group of comrades have been going to the same school since middle school. now in the Sophmore year of high school they meet three new hedgehogs. The triplets Sonic, Manic, and Sonia all protect each other. But when eyes are sent on Sonic, how's he and his siblings going to react. Sonic uke

    Completed   Mature