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  • Scandalous?
    551 71 9

    In this Gossip Girl inspired story, we follow the lives of high school students of Mason High. Scandalous won't even begin to describe all the drama that goes down in this school. Believe me or not, but these are all things that have actually happened. Want to try to guess who's perspective this is from? I dare...

  • Write. Eat. Repeat.
    43.2K 1.9K 4

    Food columnist and aspiring fashion journalist, Ava Woods is already on her last rope. Given an ultimatum by her editor-something fresh on his desk first thing in the morning or she's fired-Ava gets working on the article to save her career. But when her best friend's Singles Group crashes her apartment, Ava's forced...

  • Don't Save the Date
    2.7K 404 16

    Penelope and Gavin have been friends since they were four. And even though she's never said the words out loud, she assumed they would get married and grow old together. But when Penelope finds out that Gavin is getting married, she thinks it's a terrible, she KNOWS it's a terrible idea. And the only thing...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Breakup Girl
    510 34 1

    Beanie has a reputation for breaking up with guys right before some big event. Her high school prom. And now, her cousin Jenny's wedding. But a crazy night in South Beach, a missing bridesmaid's dress, and a hot drummer in a leather jacket and skinny jeans might just change everything . . .

  • The Kissing Booth: Noah's Story
    18.9K 826 1

    FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE KISSING BOOTH. To celebrate ten years since I began writing The Kissing Booth and uploading it to Wattpad, I'm sharing this special one-shot retelling of Elle and Noah's epic first kiss, from Noah's point of view!

  • Semi Sweet
    23.5K 1K 1

    What are the holidays without a peppermint mocha from Starbucks? © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved humored. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder.

  • Their Christmas Arc
    135K 8.3K 13

    Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of year. For some, it might be true, but for others, it's a whole different story. From spending the holidays with their love ones to having a lonely night at the club, each person celebrates Christmas in their own special way. "Christmas is more than just a day of stuff...

  • The Chemistry Test
    69.6K 5.5K 39

    Two weeks. Two awkward teens. One play. For Zoe and Zak, everything is on the line. With fourteen days to fix their stage chemistry, they've bitten off a bit more than they can chew. Zoe knows the only way to embrace the chemistry test is with an open mind. What she doesn't expect--her heart must be open, too...

  • Chosen
    1.2K 271 42

    It takes a spill of cappuccino on the expensive tuxedo of Ethan Woods to know Emily Gibbs but the twist of fate to decide she's the one for him. Obsessed lovers, hurt, uncontrolled and unexplainable feelings become a thorn of roses in the facade of infatuation and true love. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°′°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°...

  • Life on the Tip of a Broken Pencil
    198 60 7

    Abby is a stranger to the world. She never shows people her talent for music or her true personality. After being home-schooled for most of her life, she goes to a public school, hoping to make friends. She soon comes across a stranger... and instantly becomes drawn to him. She finally finds the missing music note in...

  • Drifting Hearts
    313 76 7

    What would you do for the people you love? For Luciana Costello and Chance Achers the answer is ANYTHING. Absolutely ANYTHING. And in Oklahoma City anything includes the lucrative sport of illegal street racing. Luci, Chance, Clara, Atticus, Jai, and Sam must navigate this dangerous sport in order to gain something...

  • Lockdown on London Lane [PUBLISHED w/ WATTPAD BOOKS]
    483K 33.3K 26

    ***Published in the US with Wattpad Books and in the UK under the title 'LOVE, LOCKED DOWN' -- out now in ebook and paperback, and also audiobook in the UK!*** When the London Lane apartment block is put on lockdown, its residents are in for a whirlwind week. Imogen's stuck living with a one-night-stand in Number 14...

  • What If We Drown ✓
    636K 32.6K 64

    Ashlyn hasn't spoken a word since the age of eight, and her heart's never felt more protected. But, when the confident and ever so charming Derek stumbles into her quiet little world, her emotions-and forbidden desires-have never been so loud. ***** For twenty years, silence is all Ashlyn Holland has known. Haunt...

  • Hey There, Delilah
    1.1K 338 21

    Delilah Bennet is a sixteen-year-old girl, who lives in New York City, and has a seemingly wonderful life. But as she struggles to stay in contact with her long distance boyfriend, what challenges will she face? Will their love begin to dwindle because of the 1,000 miles between them? This book is based on the song He...

  • The Holiday Inn [COMPLETE]
    23.9K 1.7K 17

    Anya Peters runs the highest rated inn in Vermont. That doesn't mean she knows how to run her personal life. When two people from her old life suddenly show up in her lobby the day before Christmas Eve, all the feelings and emotions she's been running from will tackle her to the ground, coming right out of left field...

  • The Holiday Homework |Christmas Book |
    193K 8.8K 40

    |Completed and Edited| She would be cheering at games. He sat in the Library behind glasses. She would be going wild at a party. He would be at a bookstore or coffee shop. She never enjoyed Christmas. He made her love Christmas. On a random day at the University, opposite poles were partner...

  • Secret Santa
    676 37 2

    ❝Before Christmas break, Monday, December 15, 2014, at 1:30pm in Mr. Moffit’s history class, room 206, he asked me to borrow a pencil.❞ ++ gorgeous cover by @rainduckies

  • Polar Opposites
    385K 13.1K 36

    Kristy is the kind of girl who plays it safe. She's borderline anti-social and she would rather spend her Friday night's cooped up in her room. Instead of going out to all the partys her best friend is always attending. Kristy's best friend is Finn. He's confident, charming and accomplished. He's social and funny and...

  • Brooding Souls
    73 23 12

    A collection of short stories circulating around the theme "captured moments from the heart" ....

  • How To Be The Best Third Wheel
    2.7M 208K 97

    How To Be The Best Third Wheel is now published as a Paperback & E-book by Wattpad Books! As a Wattpad reader, you can also now access the Original Edition for free and the Wattpad Books Published Edition here upon purchase. It's the last year of high school, and everything has changed . . . ...

  • Secret Admirer
    15.8K 770 22

    Two years of being in love with a person who doesn't even know about it. Two years of keeping my crush secret from my friends. Two years of blaming myself for being too shy. It's time to start doing something or else I will lose the guy I've liked since 7th grade. The only question is how? What to do? How do you step...

  • The alpha's young mate ( completed )
    173K 4.9K 41

    Highest rank | #459 in werewolf 24/9/17 | The alpha is known for being possessive towards his mate and this is my experience with being an alpha's mate. Hi,I am Akira ,I am an ordinary 13 year old girl,i am normal and i have no special events in my life,I have two siblings,a brother and a sister, Mason and Laurie,my...

  • Significance (Completed)
    1.5M 43.6K 32

    From NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Shelly Crane comes a true love story. Maggie is a seventeen-year-old girl who's had a bad year. She was smart and on track, but her mom left, her dad is depressed, she's graduating, barely, and her boyfriend of almost three years dumped her for a college football sc...

  • Boot Camp
    26.3M 1M 35

    After running away from her problems for four years - her inability to run a mile ironically being one of them - Whitney Carmichael knows a fitness camp will kick start some change in her life. Little does she expect her high school archenemy will be there desperately trying to make amends. Or that she'll ditch her w...