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  • Seafoam (#Team-Up Challenge 2018)
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    Because weddings suck after you've been dumped. Cover made by @LightOfTheMooneh [Written for @ChallengeCorner's Team-Up Challenge 2018. If you're reading this, you should definitely go check out the rest of #TeamConnection 's one-shots @CrocodileRocker, @LightOfTheMooneh, @lostwithmyfriends.]

  • Caving.
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    What's inside?

  • When Two Must Leap (#TeamUpChallenge 2018)
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    Submission for #TeamUpChallenge Massanin's lover was transformed into an ugly creature by his half-witch mother. There's only one way to reverse the curse- to jump from the tallest cliffside in Tesor, landing deeper where the slums reek. To be together, two must leap. (Check you the rest of #TeamConnection: @Crocodil...

  • Every Second Saturday (#TeamUpChallenge2018)
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    just a lonely old woman who dreams about a friend // general fiction entry for #TeamConnection in the TeamUpChallenge 2018 by @ChallengeCorner #TeamConnection - me w/ general fiction - @-Giraffe- w/ romance - @CrocodileRocker w/ horror - @lostwithmyfriends w/ fantasy prompts: - a character stands at the edge of a clif...

  • Danse Macabre [Wattpad Team Up Challenge]
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    Reading this? Be sure to check out similar stories across Wattpad (but especially CAKersey, MagmaKepner, and HannahFare)

  • Partners
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    Shirley McDaniels has not danced in over forty years. Written for the Team Up Challenge by @ChallengeCorner. Special thanks to the members of Algae Mama Ranch John for their support (@MagmaKepner, @CAKersey, and @TheCatKing), as well as the members of Four Figbirds and Team Connection for fostering an atmosphere of fu...

  • Nothing [Team-Up Challenge 2018]
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    Don't worry; nothing is watching you. Nothing is watching you. [Written for @ChallengeCorner's Team-Up Challenge 2018. Shoutout to my amazing team/peer editors: @MagmaKepner, @HannahFare, and @TheCatKing.]

  • coastlines
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    california coastlines are nothing compared to her. --- a team-up challenge submission for @challengecorner. lots of love and luck to all ag competitors in this challenge, especially my four figbirds teammates! go read my team's one-shots @shades0fgrey @thisismyplutonym and @yellowbillycat !!! --- All rights reserved.

  • spilt milk!
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    Warning: Contains Dairy Products A University Academic, The Native, A Meadow, and a Teacup. Plus a Thermos which contains something more valuable than diamonds or gold.

  • silk
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    an old man, a damp little town, and a curious wisp, balancing precariously on the fringes of consciousness. written for #teamupchallenge. lots of love for the other three figbirds; @yellowbillycat, @thisismyplutonym, @adonis, and a little nod to @hannahfare for being in the group chat (and reminding us to nurture our...