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  • Adena Firth: Undercover Neverseen
    754 39 9

    15 year-old Adena Firth seems like a normal girl. But what no one knows is that she is actually apart of the Neverseen, the most powerful group in the entire Elvin world! Join her as she goes on missions for Lady Gisela, the leader of the Neverseen, and trains to become the most powerful Pyrokinetic ever! All while co...

  • ☽Meant To Be☾ {Team Foster-Keefe fanfic}
    40.1K 719 54

    After LodeStar(and probably NightFall) Sophie and her friends realize all there hard work to sop the Neverseen never got paid off. She is still known as "The Girl that was Taken" Dex and his parents are still scorned and Keefe is now "The motherless child". But just because the Vackers are now considered a broken fami...

  • Good Match (A sokeefe [kotlc] fanfiction)
    183K 2.2K 33

    Set in the future and avoids Everblaze subjects, such as joining the Black Swan, but does involve some topics like Biana being a vanisher and Keefe's mom being a douche... *cough* I mean, being a... aww fudge it. His mom is a douche. THIS IS SOKEEFE FORGET SOFITZ AND DOPHIE THEY DON'T DESERVE HER! KEEFE IS PERFECTION...