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  • Cheating Death
    375K 15.9K 35

    “To die would be an awfully big adventure.” – Peter Pan Death holds a grudge on Anastasia Elwood. The reason being that she cheats him. The first time she cheated Death, she had just been born. As a newborn, she had cancer. Somehow, she survived. The ice blue eyes she saw whenever she cheated Death might have had some...

  • The Rules of Death
    93.5K 5.5K 34

    Nothing made sense for Elizabeth Black, Elsa, after she found out she wasn't who she thought she was. Elsa gets visits from Death, a talking cat, and a red eyed demon while trying to survive her old and new friends and newly found love interest. What will become of Elsa as everything starts to spin out of control and...

  • Death's Child (Book Three of Death's Trilogy)
    595K 20.2K 37

    Time is risky thing---one cannot control or predict it. Except one being. He has a mission and will do everything in his power to complete it. And if it means to rewrite time? Well, he will take it as a challenge. After all, he's Time---anything is possible for him. ---------------- THIS IS THE LAST BOOK OF TH...

  • Death [New Version]
    86.2K 4K 38

    Meet Death. He is not the Grim Reaper or the Devil. He is not human or an angel. He is just Death. And he just so happens to have to choose a bride. Unwillingly, of course. Could someone save him from his own bitterness? Or will the future souls will have to suffer his wrath? 2ND BOOK OF THE DEATH TRILOGY ***N...