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  • Shared Dreams (A Young Justice One-Shot)
    1.1K 75 1

    The team is spending the night at the cave when Miss Martian accidentally shares one of Robin's nightmares with the team. He finally tells them his back story and they help him through it. (I don't own cover)

  • Birdflash oneshots
    139K 5.2K 200

    Just some short oneshots about these adorable idiots

  • Flash Drive
    94.1K 4.5K 11

    Wallace West has a huge secret. He is hiding a criminal from the Justice league. Why? Because he somehow befriended the masked teen known as 'Robin', a hacker and occasional thief. Will he be able to keep this secret hidden? (Under construction) (WARNING: This is a birdflash(ish) fanfiction. You have been warned.) A...

  • Luthor's Assassin
    54.1K 2.4K 33

    Upon his parent's deaths during a circus "accident" in Metropolis, Dick Grayson is taken in by Lex Luthor, who sees much potential in him. Dick is trained by the mercenary Deathstroke to become Luthor's personal assassin. Can the Justice League and Young Justice convince the dangerous boy that he's on the wrong side?

  • Sick Bird
    3K 82 4

    I don't own these characters (I wish, but no.) or any of the movies I mentioned. This is not bird flash (so sorry to those of you who ship it, I do not) it's just a funny little fanfic about the two of the them.

  • Bloody Reunions
    25.7K 1K 16

    Three years. It's been three years since the death of Dick Wayne, and Renegade. The city lost a hero. Bruce Wayne lost a son. Jason, Tim, Damian they lost a brother. Barbara lost a boy who she thought she could of loved. They all coped with it in different ways, Jason made bad choices, Damian drifted, Tim and Barbara...

  • Bloody Brothers
    55.3K 1.9K 17

    "Don't you know who they are?" "No, should I?" "They're the Wayne boys, kind of odd, but so hot." ◇□◇□◇□◇□◇□◇□◇□◇□◇□◇ Jason and Richard (Dick) Wayne, are a couple of the two most athletic kids at Gotham academy, although they are very popular with the ladies, their social lives aren't all great. But, it's a good thi...

  • Pushing too far
    897 50 4

    after Wally died, Nightwing/Dick Grayson donned two identities: Dick Grayson, the public man who could afford emotions, and Nightwing, the stone cold hero who would never let anyone die ever again. His family are trying to help him go back, but the only thing that can fix this is gone. To Dick, the public image is all...

  • Sparking Guilt
    2.6K 192 8

    Guilt is quite a strange- yet dangerous- thing. --------------------------------------- |BirdFlash (Dick Grayson x Wally West)| |DISCLAIMER| I do not own Young Justice (and Justice League) nor any of its characters. This is simply a fanfiction made for the sole enjoyment of other fans. Thank you!!

  • The Renegade (Book 3)
    14.4K 1.1K 16

    (Book 3 in the R series) Dick totally didn't get resurrected and recruited as one of Ra's men. No way. Never in a million years! He's totally not being forced to gather information on the League and act as a distraction so Ra's can complete his newest world destroying device. Pffft. Neverr. He is, however, secretly...

    Completed   Mature
  • Becoming Robin (Book 2)
    24.3K 1.5K 16

    » Book 2 In The R Series « All is unicorns and gumdrops after the battle with Joker and Deathstroke! Dick has given up the hacking life and in turn replaced it with the rewarding life of a hero. Not too shabby I do say so myself. Yeah it's great.. Who am I kidding? That's only like, the first two chapters. Angst!! L...

  • Coffee Crisis
    1.4K 50 5

    After a long mission, Robin decides to perk himself up with a good ole' cup of joe. The problem: he goes a bit overboard, and a hyper bat-boy causes problems for everybody.

  • Dick Grayson One-Shots
    53K 1.3K 25

    A bundle of one~shots that will make you laugh and cry. And they're all about the best Robin! Dick Grayson!!! (They get better the farther you read I promise. The first few suck.)

  • BirdFlash Games on! (Short YJ Fanfic)
    3.5K 209 2

    The YJ team finds a gaming channel when they are introduced to YouTube. Wally West's and Dick Grayson's to be exact! ~BIRDFLASH~ Only a two-shot!

  • One-Shots from The Bird Who Wouldn't Sing
    11.7K 490 12

    These are the one-shots I made for my "The Bird Who Wouldn't Sing" story ~~~~ Mostly just fluff ~~~~ If you have any requests, feel free to private message me!

  • Traumatized
    47.6K 1.4K 9

    Failsafe, a seemingly harmless training exercise. That is, till Miss Martin's subconscious accidentally took control of it. Turning it into a traumatic experience, one that not even the Boy Wonder can cope with. Since they woke up, rifts have formed. Most noticeable, was between Robin and everyone. He wasn't close wit...

  • Young Secrets
    167K 6.7K 20

    Started: June 13, 2016 Finished: October 6, 2016 The League never had sidekicks and thinks children don't belong in the world of crime. Batman, The Flash and BlackCanary get captured by Harley Quinn and Joker. After being saved by a group of children, the Justice League decides to get some awnsers...

  • Slowly Breaking Away- A Young Justice Fanfiction AU (DISCONTINUED)
    77.8K 3.1K 13

    (Sidekicks don't exist. The main six start off as villains called the 'Young Injustice League'. I call this AU Villain AU.) I am Renegade. The future heir of Ra's al Ghul. A shadow leaguer. A 'cold hearted' assassin. Though some would call me Richard Grayson. I am Paralyze. The apprentice of Captain Co...

  • Alternative
    196K 7.1K 28

    What if Bruce Wayne wasn't able to adopt Richard Grayson as his ward, because the young boy was kidnapped by Cadmus before he even had the chance? So when Aqualad and Kid Flash bust Superboy out of his prison, they also meet a somew.hat cheerful boy who doesn't remember anything from before his time with Cadmus. Add B...

  • Inside Robin's Mind
    2.3K 57 4

    The Young Justice team is having a team training exercise and the first one up is Robin. Disclaimer: I do not own young Justice Characters, DC comics do.

  • Princes of Juvi
    79.5K 2.5K 21

    Highest Rank: #1 in Birdflash The team only consists of Artemis, Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian. Kid Flash and Robin aren't a part of it because they never became heroes. Here's why. Contains Birdflash

  • Where a sick birdie is.
    30.4K 507 18

    When the team goes on an undercover mission from batman, what will happen their youngest member gets sick in the South pole and gets hurt. Small amount of birdflash. Enjoy.

  • The Bird Who Wouldn't Sing (Retelling of Young Justice + BirdFlash)
    273K 8.7K 41

    Richard J. Graysonn was kidnapped and trained to be an assassin after his parents fell. Dick ran away from the Court of Owls and was later adopted by Bruce Wayne! After finding out Batman's identity, Robin was born! Robin soon met Kid Flash and then Speedy before meeting Aqualad! Young Justice was soon formed!! Being...

  • Anjo
    108K 5.8K 54

    |Young Justice AU| |BirdFlash (Dick Grayson x Wally West)| The Dark Knight had faced some unexpected trouble during one of his routinely patrols in Gotham. When he came to, he found himself in a darkened room, his wounds carefully tended to, and himself laid down on a small bed. But, the most eye grabbing thing in the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Locked Within
    447 46 2

    Everybody knows the story of how Robin wasn't taken in by Batman and ended up the bad guy or something. We all know how he eventually bonds with the team. But what if... None of that happened? What if his parents never died? What if they were still alive and Dick Grayson was happy? What if he was still Robin after all...

  • Robinsomnia
    8.9K 488 7

    (Young Justice, Season 1) Robin goes out to Gotham in hopes of warding off his boredom. He almost gives up when he hears about a bank robbery in progress. They seem to be terrible at their jobs and are easily beaten. However, they aren't alone. A telepath brain blasts him, and he is knocked unconscious. He is surprise...

  • 5 Times Robin Was Good With Kids {FINISHED}
    706 36 5

    The tittle says it all I do NOT NOT NOT NOT own the artwork

  • Robin one-shots
    113K 2.8K 60

    Some will be sad others happy I'll try to make it not be sappy. Here are some Birdflash, Daddybats Nightwing, Bromance Young Justice, Teen Titans Justice League, Depression Selfharm, Etc.

  • Just Robin Oneshots Part 2
    164K 8.5K 210

    So my other book reached its limit of 200 parts...that be crazy. To all of the people who are still hankering for a bit of Dick Grayson angst, fluff and more angst, welcome to the next stage @Jenny_Mythical_Witch made the amazing cover here! Please show them some love!

  • he's just a kid
    6.8K 133 18

    This story takes place mostly at the mt. justice where the team spends there free time and where they live. this story is about the team bonding between robin and the team. since robin is the youngest the team treats him like a little kid and and a baby brother. so each chapter is going to be a one shot of how each te...