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  • Jacob Sartorius One Shots {NO LONGER ACTIVE}
    120K 3.5K 158

    NO LONGER ACTIVE I'm not really into the fandom anymore, but I'll still leave this story up for anyone who wants to read it.

  • Afterwards Sequel To Bullied By Weston Koury And Mario Selman.
    66K 1.8K 51

    Alyssa Rowland is a previous victim of bullying from Mario and Weston but now Mario is her friend and Weston is in jail. Alyssa (Ally) is now a Sophomore in high school no longer bullied but not popular. She recently discovered she has a real talent of singing. Her eyes changed from her dark brown to a lighter blue. H...

  • Hold On To The Memories *COMPLETE AND IN EDITING*
    4K 360 63

    WARNING I wrote this when I was thirteen and its pretty cringy, but hey you should still read it because it eventually get a lot better:) Being a Grier and having friends that are the Magcon boys sisters can be fun, but what happens when we go on tour with them?

  • Disneyland of horror
    31K 711 16

    One day 6 teens decide to go to a haunted house at Disneyland for a school trip on Monday to ride the rides and play games and eat food, but around 3:00 something terrible went wrong in the Disney castle......... Cast: Jacob sartorius, Ariana grande, loren gray, cat selman, Mark Thomas, weston koury, Aamanda King ☜ (...

  • Chosen one-Jacob Sartorius and Mark Thomas fanfiction.
    119K 2.6K 79

    Emma's life is full of drama, friends, Jacob, Mark, babies, guns...READ TO FIND OUT MORE

  • Trouble: Jacob sartorius
    320K 6.6K 90

    3 years... how could someone so handsome .. so gentle to others . Be so horrible , mean and agressive to me . What did i do wrong . Nothing .. or did i . Im Malory. im 15 . I go to Hilton high school . I have an always working family , and when they are here , they don't care about me . Jacob Sartorius . You know him...

  • "Just Friends" ||Jacob Sartorius Fanfiction
    83K 2.2K 30

    Abby, a girl with auburn hair and bright blue eyes, just moved to Virginia, not excited about leaving her boyfriend, volleyball team, old friends, and town. Then she meets Jacob, a boy with amazing hazel eyes and perfect dark hair, at first she thinks he's annoying, but then something changes... could he be something...