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  • Incubus
    1M 36.8K 44

    Seventeen-year-old Brielle Thompson never really had a normal life. She started hearing voices in her head and other people's thoughts when she was thirteen, and her neglectful parents thought she was insane. Being forced to take medications that silenced the voices, she was rendered weak and useless, and indefinitely...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Imperishable Flame⎪✓
    283K 9K 41

    "You have lost your mind, what the hell do you think you're doing?" She yells at me. "Don't start with me." "I'm not starting shit, Elijah! This was supposed to be a night out and then you come along, you ruin everything!" The anger on her voice isn't lost on me, I've never heard her this mad before and she is danger...

    Completed   Mature
  • As Seen On TV
    713K 30.8K 39

    Lyra Kennedy joins the cast of Dating Democracy, a reality show where she's paired with the handsome Andrew - but she has eyes for bad boy Patrick. ***** Lyra Kennedy lost her job, her dog passed away, and her boyfriend of 2 years just dumped her. I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sun Child |✔|
    13.8M 549K 60

    Lexie is not a warrior. In fact, Lexie is a painter. Her hands are always covered in paint. Never coming off. Always there. For Lexie, painting is an escape. An escape from her pain. She paints to avoid the darkness that is in her soul. She paints to avoid looking at the bleeding wound inside her chest. She paints. To...

  • The Wolves ***Book One in River Falls Series***
    1.3M 13.8K 19

    ***EXCERPT ONLY*** He is Captain of the football team. Most popular Guy in school. Can get any girl he wants. Next in line to be Alpha. Logan's not ready for a mate, he was enjoying his easy life, but all that is about to change when the new girl turns up at school. She's grieving the death of her parents. Moved to...

  • Nap Queen
    2M 71.3K 43

    Charming and elusive Evie Walker is certifiably the cutest girl at Somerset High, yet there is something off about her. Liam Davis is certifiably the hottest and most dangerous boy at SHS... And he's getting a little too curious. ___________________________________ Follow Evie as she navigates Junior year looking ov...