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  • Let me go
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    Some tears never dry, Some mistakes can never be rectified..... There are so many people in our life whose presence affect our life and we love them... But sometimes it's better to let that person go if they want to, or if it is the right thing to do... This is a bunch of romantic and heartbreaking poems. Hope you wi...

  • Privacy of 210 [Prequel to Dorm Room 210]
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    'She stood in the midst of the dorm, wearing those loose blue jeans that emphasised her tone legs, and a white and green blouse that held her small frame; the top two unbuttoned with sleeves wrapped round her elbow. Her toffee brown shoulder length hair was placed in a low messy bun against her neck whilst pieces of h...

  • Isolation of 210 [Sequel to Dorm Room 210]
    44.6K 1.1K 5

    'Aydin couldn't understand what made Shay want to stay with him, especially after convincing her to break into his old dorm and risking her status as a student. If he was in her shoes, he'd be pissed off. Instead, she laughed at the video on his laptop, looking comfortable at his side. "I can't believe you haven't pos...

  • Dorm Room 210
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    [Competed ✔ Currently re-writing/editing] Roommates. Secrets. A repeat of history. After the death of her parents, Lillian Camel embarks on a one girl mission: survive College. When hatred, friendship and love collide, Lillian is going to need the will power to face her demons and her roommate, the mysterious Noah S...

  • Cupid is My Brother and Death is My Bad Boy
    700K 29.7K 43

    ** #3 in Fantasy ** 7/8/18 ** ** #6 in Highschool **10/14/18 What happens when your family actually cares enough about humans that they marry one? What happens when your family has a child that is part of the Godly World without Godly powers? That is who I am. I am that god-human child of my human mother and Godly fat...

  • Daughter to the Prince of Death
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    It's been twenty years since the prophecies of Life and Death concluded. The Kingdom flourishes under their rulers: the Princess of Life and the Prince of Death. The Dark Tracker Academy within this kingdom grows the next generation of powerful Trackers; beings with extraordinary dangerous powers represented with thei...

  • When she met Mr. perfect
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    Anna Spencer is from a middle class family, she has already experienced many aspects of her life. She was bullied in her school for being a nerd. She was not miss perfect in everything all she truly had is her golden heart. Her father was long gone and her mother is a patient of cancer. She is struggling for her mothe...

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    #thecreativeawards2018 Melody Jones was having a bad year. With a father who was nowhere to be seen, and still grieving over her mother's death, it was a miracle that she was holding on to her sanity. That was until she discovered that her boyfriend had been unfaithful. With a hundred dollars to her name she drove her...