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  • The Trick of City Lights (Flawed Series #1)
    2.1K 335 18

    Flawed Series #1 Despite the lack of support from her family of engineers, Dani chose to pursue her dream in becoming a doctor. With all the pressure she got herself into, she became goal driven in reaching her success until she met Cassian in a freaking parlor game.

  • Dreams Come True ( a Vhyun ff )
    37.1K 1.6K 41

    He thought it was just a meaningless dream. What happens when it actually comes true?

  • Fantasy | Vhyun
    19.6K 1.2K 34

    If I close my eyes; my memories will bring me back to that place

  • Year 2035 NY x JK
    2.3K 160 8

    This is the story of how this family got to live happily ever after. Open to read more. I don't have any description about it so fighting~! NY x JK fanfiction

  • Who Are You?
    26.6K 2.2K 57

    "KIM FUCKING @#$%&?! has a younger sister??? Who knows this shit?" Highest Hashtag Rankings: ⚜#vhyun - no. 2 out of 164 stories (May 9, 2020) ⚜#dahyun - no. 2 out of 6.41k stories (May 11, 2020) ⚜#dahkook - no. 5 out of 62 stories (August 27, 2020) ⚜#bangtwice - no. 2 out of 2.77k stories (August 27, 2020) ⚜#twice - n...

  • living with bts (lwb) // bts x twice (completed)
    175K 4.8K 50

    《prologue on my Bangtwice group chat story!》 2 groups. Living together for a year. !! UNEDITED !! ○●○●○ "You will be on a reality show with BTS!" JYP says, enthusiastically. ~meanwhile~ "You're on a reality show with TWICE." Hitman says. Jungkook looks at Hitman with his famous shook face. J-hope screams, Tae falls...

  • Choose Yes
    85.7K 4K 74

    "You have to come with us. You can't say no." "How do I choose no?" BTS was lured by 9 beautiful girls who call themselves, TWICE. They run an amazing amusement park. The Bangtan boys feel something eerie about the girls who brought them to their paradise. Will they get out? Or Will fate draw them together? #bestofme...

  • [EDITING] My Boyfriend is a Freak (Published under Pop Fiction)
    10.2M 28.7K 18

    My Boyfriend is a Freak © 2014 by missflimsy (Rewritten, 2021) A Pop Fiction New Adult Book (2019) Kung sa "My Boss is a Freak" ay napatunayan niyong posibleng magkaroon ng isang unbelievably handsome, smart, and mega-rich na freak, dito naman sa pagpapatuloy ng ating storya ay malalaman niyong posible rin palang ang...

  • My Boss is a Freak (Published under Pop Fiction)
    16M 217K 62

    My Boss is a Freak © 2013 by missflimsy (Rewritten, 2020) A Wattpad Featured Story (2014) A Pop Fiction New Adult Book (2017) Sa storyang ito, malalaman mong hindi lahat ng tinatawag na "freak" ay dorky, nerd, or just generally not nice-looking. Dahil minsan, may mga freak din na filthy rich. At matalino. At gwapo - h...

  • Shallow {ᴊ.ᴊᴋ & ᴋ.ᴅʜ}
    1.4K 132 6

    Teach me how to love someone from afar. @iamkhailha thanks for the book cover!

  • Only Her (on going)
    2.5K 140 8

    She lost her memories and forgotten me.

  • Girl In Love {ᴊ.ᴊᴋ x ᴋ.ᴅʜ}
    13.1K 606 17

    A whirlwind romance between the two characters. What will happen if someone tries to tear them apart? @iamkhailha thanks for the cover!

  • The Girl She Used To Be {ᴘ.ᴊᴍ x ᴋ.ᴅʜ}
    2.4K 130 5

    He's always the patient friend while she's stubborn and cold. She doesn't trust anyone because of her dark past. Would he able to save her from drowning from her dark past?

  • She's My Girlfriend {ᴊ.ᴊᴋ x ᴋ.ᴅʜ} ✔
    18.6K 1K 23

    What would be your reaction if someone you just meet asked you to be her boyfriend?

  • Love Lies {ᴋ.ᴛʜ x ᴋ.ᴅʜ} ✔
    8.3K 499 11

    She keeps telling me that she likes being with me but every time I try to get close to her, she always hold back and deny her feelings.

  • Love Is A Lie {ᴊ.ᴊᴋ x ᴋ.ᴅʜ}
    23.6K 282 4

    She's just a typical girl I've meet. But she seems different and from what I heard from the gossipers, she's blunt and emotionless. I know she's sad and I want to get close to her. But she's dependent to her best friend and I can't help but to get jealous and brokenhearted. cover by: khimkhim20

  • Just If (What If It's Love, Published Under Summit Media)
    18.7M 372K 43

    Published Under Summit Media, Pop Fiction. (What If It's Love) A story where forever doesn't exist. #BSS3

  • His Possessive Ways (Published Under Summit Media)
    31.9M 614K 50

    Published Under Summit Media (Pop Fiction) Are you prepared to fight for your own feelings for someone even though you know you can't? #BSS2

  • The Waiting Game
    22.7K 1K 52

    (BOOK 2 OF "YOU ARE A PART OF ME") "'Pag mahal mo ang isang tao, nagiging parte sila ng pagkatao mo, ng buhay mo, ng mismong ikaw. It's like you're attached by this invisible chain na kahit gaano pa kayo kalayo sa isa't isa, you can always feel them." -Blaire Devan Naniniwala ba kayong "Love is sweeter the second time...

  • You are a Part of Me
    112K 1.9K 46

    "'Pag mahal mo ang isang tao, nagiging parte sila ng pagkatao mo, ng buhay mo, ng mismong ikaw. It's like you're attached by this invisible chain na kahit gaano pa kayo kalayo sa isa't isa, you can always feel them." --Blaire Devan This is a story that deals with the struggles and pain that comes with love, dreams, an...

  • Partners in crime✔ | Vnayeon
    6.3K 757 30

    In which two mafias ended up working together to kill the culprit. will they succeed? or will they fail? once the mission is finished, will they end up together? or no?

  • Restart✔| Nakook
    7K 651 25

    Book 2 of Rabbit Hole ---- It had been years since Nayeon went to Canada. Jeon Jungkook, became a famous band with his hyungs around the globe. while they were rehearsing, Jungkook met Nayeon. he was so happy. but there was a problem...... Nayeon couldn't remember him...... what exactly could've happened?

  • Rabbit hole✔ | Nakook
    9.1K 749 27

    Im Nayeon, a girl who was popular in school by her natural beauty and charismatic attitude. Jeon Jungkook, a lovely maknae of his band and as they call him, "golden maknae" due to his ability to do almost everything. what happens when this two person meet in a not so common place? A rabbit hole

  • Broken promises✔| Nakook | Taetzu
    9.3K 869 39

    Book 2 of Her Last Wish ---- Nayeon and Tzuyu thought that once they found their true love, nothing will get in the way. But one day, their relationship with their boyfriends starts to fade away..... Find out more by reading the whole book. 💕💕

  • Her last wish✔ | nakook | Taetzu
    16.8K 1.2K 42

    Nayeon and Tzuyu have been suffering after the loss of their beloved best friend, Dahyun. Days later, they received a letter from her. it was written before she died. what was in the letter was her last wish...... soon Both girls found their selves in an adventure to head for her last wish...... but with the help of s...

  • Our Forbidden Love Story✔ | naykook | Collab
    9.5K 1.1K 36

    'Gods and Goddesses aren't meant to be together with a mortal' **** Nayeon..... Known as the Love goddess. Loved by everyone, envied by some of the goddesses. Not until a specific day that she will never forget. Ever since then, she became cold, bitter and rude towards everyone. She insulted the gods and goddesses tha...

  • Eye Contact✔ | Vnaykook
    16.7K 1.5K 46

    "Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be." -??? These two Kpop Idols who never really socialized but one day, they just found themselves sinking in each other's gaze. is that a sign for a new beginning? or is it just a temporary thing that will just soon fade away? ********* ⚠Disclaimer!⚠ this book is...

  • Spring Day✔ | VNayeon ft. Dahmin
    12.8K 977 47

    No winter lasts forever, No spring skips it turn. **** Being in love with your best friend is great and painful at the same time... It is great since you will be comfortable with just hugging her, kissing her cheeks and cuddling with her... But it is painful to just keep quiet. Everyone knows how hard it is to keep yo...

  • Sweet But Psycho
    333 24 4

    "Last night, I dreamt I murdered you...but here you are still alive... I'm so glad.." Kim Taehyung.