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  • Infinity
    142K 508 4

    He is all I can think about, since the day I first caught his scent. I try to imagine what he looks like, tastes like. but nothing I dream up seems like it will do him justice. Imagine finding your mate. You want him, he wants you.... right? I mean that's how it should be.... and well his scent is always there. Everyw...

    Completed   Mature
  • Companionate (18+) | Completed ✔️
    578K 20.6K 52

    ⚠ Warning sexual content!!! ⚠ *Book 1 of the "Unexpected Lovestory" Series* She loved her husband more than her last breath. She was blinded, deafened and suffocated in his love. She gave him everything but he was a receiver, never a giver. The only things he gave was confusion. He gave manipulation and he gave her mi...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Twin Mates
    10.8M 314K 36

    Flicker never wanted a mate, especially an alpha one. She strongly believes that with an alpha mate, she would lose all her freedom and independence, two things that she values most . What will happen, when the two controlling and dominant alpha's arrive at Flicker's pack; claiming that she is their mate. "As Luna, wi...

  • Blood Plague
    3.1K 81 11

    Thrown into the world she didn't know existed. How will Alicia fair? And will she survive it all? Will there be a young man to help her overcome the world? Or will she crumble to the floor? Mature content, Strong language and some sexual scenes will be used in this story.

  • The Alpha's Guilty Pleasure
    3.3K 129 6

    Luke was thrown unexpectedly into the Alpha position after the mysterious death of his Father. The Onyx Wolves needed a Leader and he was voted #1 above everyone else. With all the extra pressure, his Father's Beta wants him to marry his daughter regardless of the mate bond. Valencia was adopted at the age of 6 years...

  • Sins Of A City Girl
    9.6K 508 14

    "They say love makes you do crazy things...well, I never knew he would be my reason behind it." Giselle Washington was born and raised in New York City. After moving out on her own, she realized her job as a nurse wasn't going to be enough to pay the bills. So, she decides to get a bartending gig at the most popular c...

  • Chet |Complete|
    2.1M 56.6K 55

    Amity Logan's life is turned outside down when she is forced to leave her family behind and move to a new town for her own protection. At just twenty-four years old, Amity never imagined she'd find herself living on her own with her family and friends hours away. But in the Mafia world nothing is predicable and nothi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Snow: The Rising Blizzard
    117 1 8

    Maturing at a young age isn't the best thing, but neither is being a supernatural in this humanly world. The journey of a girl who lost her parents, and the only thing consuming over her life is hunger, the hunger for revenge. Will she find justice, or will a mystery man and woman make things worst by getting in her w...

  • No Boundaries
    11.7K 117 1

    “Do you remember the rules, love?” he whispered in my ear. I shivered involuntarily. “Yes,” I breathed. How could I forget? “Good girl,” Rafe’s breath tickled my ear. " Madison and Rafe have a past, and now they've got a present and a future. But how far into their futures can they last? Please if you are under 16 DO...

  • Tainted Souls
    87 7 3

    Despised by her family and everyone around her, Ella just doesn't feel good enough, "confiding" in a friend, Ella unknowingly makes a deal with the devil. Be careful what you wish for, you never know WHO or WHAT is listening.

  • Reign Of The Fallen & Reign Of Asmodeus SMUT
    22.8K 108 3

    This fanfic experiences mature and sexual content. 18+ advised.

  • Her Two Dominants
    899K 7.2K 16

    MATURE Charisty is a woman who is used to controlling those around her in her line of work but she gets tired of all the stress that her responsibilities bring. She needs someone to calm the chaos in her mind. She has always been a woman who enjoys sex but has never been able to fulfil her own fantasies and sexual des...

  • Mr Valduva
    35.6K 222 6

    This fanfic is for 18+ This fanfic is pure imagination and is unrelated to the story blood plague. Only contains my character as well as my love interest. This fanfic contains extreme sexual content so please do not read if you get easily offended. Thank you .

    92.1K 300 2

    Mature scenes from my story. Graphic sexual detail. Viewer discretion advised. MOM DONT READ THIS LOL.

  • Call me Uber.
    30K 631 10

    She likes a gentlemen who knows when not to be gentle. A night out with your sister becomes more than you bargained for...

  • Devlin Dark
    6K 559 17

    I am not human, I despise humans, I'm bad, I'm selfish, I am everything they don't want me to be. I am unlike any other demigod and I do what I want when I want. I am a monster and I will never change.. for anybody! Sorry almost scared myself a little then, I really am a monster.. Can I get a sarcastic shrug? Who am...

  • Fangs and Paws
    9.2K 292 7

    Crystal Fox has to be transferred to a new school due to troubles back at home, will Conan Knight be the first to figure her out?

  • Assassins of Blackwood
    24.6K 693 6

    Katherine & Conrad Bellamy have finally been accepted into Blackwood Academy, the most elite assassins academy in the world. However little did they know, Dean Blackwood has a hidden agenda.

  • the Foxes. [Fangs and Paws FANFIC]
    10K 99 5

    fanfic based on Fangs and Paws by @bluepaws_episode

    Completed   Mature
  • Thackery. [WIL Fan Fic]
    38.3K 276 3

    NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART :/ Thackery - from Wrapped in Lies by Mikayla S. [@mikaylaspeck]. Story written on the Episode platform, permission given to use the character.

  • Moonlight
    90.9K 3.3K 26

    There's a war coming...are you ready? Prepare to follow Cheyenne on a long journey of self-discovery as she's thrown into a world she never knew existed. After feeling alone in the world her entire life she finally finds what she's been missing. Two broken souls come together in an unlikely pairing. Chasing away thei...

  • The Valduva Brothers. (Blood Plague Fan Fic)
    32.3K 309 7

    This is a fan fic of my boys from blood Plague an episode story by mushface89. This fan fic is made completely from my own imagination. This fan fic is not included in the actual story. This story contains Mature Themes And extreme sexual activities. You have been warned!!!! Thank you for reading ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

    Completed   Mature