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  • Gary x Ash (THE JOURNEY)
    9.1K 186 8

    you will see I can't do summeries srry

  • SheZow Oneshots
    1.5K 78 34

    Just a bunch of oneshots of our guy, or superheroine, SheZow and his comrades. Also Guy will be bisexual in all of my stories.

  • More Heroes? {A Dog Days Fanfiction}
    2.4K 37 21

    Two girls who are best friends, Ena and Steph, are ordinary 7th grade students. Until they each get visited by a dog and a cat. The cat followed Steph home, while the dog followed Ena to the rooftop. They are summoned to Biscotti and Galette as each countries' Heroes. But they each fall in love with someone along the...

  • Donten ni Warau: Meeting Nishiki
    139 7 1

    After the Orochi was killed, Nishiki went off to find Soramaru. When she found him, she found his brothers. This is just a fluff story about Nishiki meeting Tenka. I was very curious on how this little meeting went, so I wrote my own version of it. I own nothing! Please comment!!!

  • Thrown into the Dark
    1.9K 92 18

    When Soramaru is abducted by Kabuto and brought into a different dimension by force, he is thrown into darkness. His life changes. Will he remember how to laugh in the face of pain? Or will he forget and be lost forever. Naruto and Donten ni Warau crossover. I do not own Donten ni Warau.

  • Mikayuu Fanfiction
    29.7K 750 16

    Mika has been secretly helping the Moon Demon Squad with their missions. On a mission to destroy a vampire base Yuu is forced into a dress and Mika can't handle it. After Yuu gets hurt during the mission Mika decides that he wants Yuu to be his boyfriend. Will his friends be okay with that? And will Yuu finally be fre...

  • The Note of the Moon
    27.6K 903 29

    After tenn left, Nanase family still don't have enough money to pay for riku's hospital bills even though their debt is already paid by Kujou Takamasa in exchange for their older son tenn.....until a man named Kannaduki Kinou shouldered riku's medication in exchange that he'll be adopting and training riku after he he...

  • I Should've never let you go (idolish7)
    28.3K 987 29

    {COMPLETE} Since Tenn become an idol, Kujo Takamasa suddently disappeared without a trace of finding him. When Idolish7 finish performed their very first concert, Riku got taken away by a mysterious man. After BoW, Riku shows up and known as a solo idol. What's worst is! Riku lost his precious memories about his own...

  • Possessive♤MikaYuu (discontinued)
    36.8K 1.3K 20

    A blood-sucking, unknowing manipulator obsessing over his love, Yuichiro. Their relationship is toxic, however their souls are so drawn to each other to where they can never get away. A series of events between the two will lead to something unpredictable and scary.

  • Reijou wa Mattari wo Goshomou
    192K 6.4K 42

    After her role as the villainess noble daughter, Rhonya started up a new cafe at the town on the edge of the country. As she wished for a laid back and relaxing life, the business from serving customers says otherwise... One day, the renowned strongest half beasts (demi) mercenary group stumbled in the cafe. A reverse...

  • LET IT GO.
    115 9 4

    A short insight of our daily emotions of life we tended to ask our selves our selves from our selves

  • Ash : Royalty.
    399K 6.6K 33

    Life for Ash turned upside down the day he found his friends betraying him. He gathered the pokemon who remained loyal to him and fled to the forest, his pain making him collapse. He is found by someone he thought to be dead and learns many truths about himself, truths that will change his life forever. With his new...

  • Sleepy head
    316 16 2

    Just a short story about Edward being a bit sleepy

  • He's Such A Lovestruck
    1.6K 85 14

    Credits goes to Nitro+Chiral's Dramatical Murder. It's 100% YAOI. So it's really made for your convenience.

  • Darkness
    668 35 1

    Sora has always been afraid of the dark, but now that hes home, will that change? (Slight Kh2 spoilers if you havent beaten the game yet, Sora/Riku, Kingdom Hearts)

  • The bitter taste of revenge (SoRiku) [On Hold]
    729 38 2

    Sora always thought revenge was something people shouldn't do. He never saw anything positive come from it. Until he saw his girlfriend cheating. That's when everything he had thought went down the drain. Sora's main goal now was to destroy Kairi's new love life.

  • | soriku fanfic | (kingdom hearts)
    3.3K 153 8

    ( this is a kingdom hearts fan fiction. it does not involve anything from the kingdom hearts games. except for the characters.)

  • High And Low
    1.5K 42 18

    What happens if Sora gets so stressed his body starts to shut down What if Sora can't find Riku or kairi will he panic or still keep hope that they are out there Edit: desc doesn't match book I gotta change the desc --- This is made at 3AM and it's most likely gonna pair Riku and Sora UwU cause I say so I hope you li...

  • "I'M NOW A GIRL "-"I'M NOW A GUY"~SheZow x DudePowe
    331 7 2

    guy and gal can't change back and their in Guys universe and they guy is and female and gal a male get the point ? ok .ok they cat change back and they swap ganders OK !

  • Coldfinger x SheZow
    3.2K 71 2

    This is a fan fiction I made for the cross dressing series SheZow. I noticed that not a single person has written a fan fiction with the shipping of Coldfinger and SheZow so here I go. P.S. I picked the best pictures I have seen with this ship and its inspired my writing!!! [Coldfinger/SheZow] By the way Guys voice i...

  • The Golden Chimera (A Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction)
    4.4K 152 13

    Ed gets taken by a man and now he's a Chimera. Determined to lock that man up for good, Ed begins to research anything that will help his complete his goal. But what will happen when Ed discovers a shocking secret? NOT YAOI!