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  • 666 | Min Yoongi ✓
    291K 16.8K 23

    "If I told you I could talk to The Devil, would you believe me or would you laugh in my face?"

  • Peaches & Cream
    481K 35.6K 38

    "Do you want to die?" The man's voice is barely controlled as he aims the baseball bat at your face. "Woah, woah, woah," Your eyes are wide as you step back, about to shit your pants. "Look, I didn't force him to come back, alright? If you want to kill someone, kill him." You point at Yoongi, who raises his eyebrows...

  • Sugar & Ocean
    1.3M 103K 42

    "You should be careful, Y/N." Taehyung says, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his legs, tucking his chin into his palms. "He's the meanest son of a...mother who's ever lived." He shakes his head, sighing. "And he's the one who got you into this mess in the first place." You pat your best friend's knee comfort...

  • 전정국 | Jungkook Imagines
    91.2K 3K 13

    One shots about our favorite Adorably Sexy Kookie, Jeon Jungkook 전정국 So far: (1) We Don't Talk Anymore (1) Did someone say loser? (1) Trickster or Fool (1) Fate had other plans for us (1) Bind Me (1) Strike! (1) Web of Lies (1) BTS hotline (1) Game On (1) Some things never change

  • 김태형 | Taehyung Imagines
    58.5K 2.4K 12

    One shots about our favorite Fashion King, Kim Taehyung 김태형 So far: (1) Surprise!! (1) Officer, you've got the wrong person (1) Do you like oranges? (1) The Weight of One Smile (1) You're Under Arrest (1) You Drive Me Crazy (1) Welcome Home (1) Our Not-So-Secret Secret (1) Stealing Snickers

  • 박지민 | Jimin Imagines
    61.1K 2.5K 12

    One shots about our favorite Mochi, Park Jimin 박지민 So far: (1) And the Oscar award goes to... (1) Don't worry, I'll "protect" you (1) Oh it's on... (1) Forever and Always (1) Beach! Bitch? (1) Mr. Buckwheat (1) Voicemails (1) It only took one song (1) How could I forget?

  • 김남준 | Namjoon Imagines
    78.9K 3K 11

    One shots about our favorite Destructive Leader, Kim Namjoon 김남준 So far: (1) Drunken Love (1) The Body Remembers What The Mind Forgets (1) I told you so (1) I Lied (1) Ugly and Uglier (1) A Love Like Cherry Blossoms (1) A Flicker of Light (1) You bring out the best in me (1) 1000 Paper Cranes (1) Serendipity

  • 정호석 | Hoseok Imagines
    38.1K 1.8K 11

    One shots about our favorite Bias Wrecking Sunshine, Jung Hoseok 정호석 So far: (1) Bridges (1) Fish are Friends Not Food (1) Gummy Worms (1) Last Chance (1) Heads or Tails (1) Even in the rain, the sun shines (1) Testing the Waters (1) Four Leaf Clover (1) Don't Judge a Book by its Cover (2) Don't Judge a Book by its Co...

  • 민윤기 | Yoongi Imagines
    94.6K 3.5K 14

    One shots about our favorite Lazy Rapper, Min Yoongi 민윤기 So far: (1) Take My Coat (2) Take My Coat (1) Birthday Special (1) Like Clockwork (1) Matchpoint (1) One step back but two steps forward (1) Kiss my Ass (1) Dirty Piano (1) *Click* (1) The Sun and Rain

  • 김석진 | Seokjin Imagines
    42K 1.8K 10

    One shots about our favorite Worldwide Handsome Man, Kim Seokjin 김석진 So far: (1) Family of 8 (1) I thought you had it? (1) A boy or a girl? (1) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (1) Late Night Desserts (1) The 'Uneventful' Trip (1) A Slice of Pizza and Fun (1) Pinch me, I'm dreaming (1) Cockblock