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  • After
    506M 7.2M 101

    Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

  • After 2
    418M 7.4M 102

    This is the sequel (continuation) of After. Harry and Tessa's relationship will be tested in ways she never expected, but he knew of all along.

    Completed   Mature
  • After 3
    703M 7.4M 100

    The passionate story of Tessa and Harry continues as family secrets, deep betrayals, and career opportunities threaten to tear them apart.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dreamboat ≫ h.s.
    5.2M 232K 58

    I fell in love with the boy in my dreams. The only time I ever got to be with him was whenever I would drift off to sleep. ✔ 2nd Place Winner at the Undiscovered Watty Awards 2014. Top Rankings #6 on Fan-Fiction, #37 on Teen-Fiction TRANSLATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

    Completed   Mature
  • Deja Vu (Dreamboat Sequel) ≫ h.s. #Wattys2015
    3.1M 171K 45

    Sequel to Dreamboat. DO NOT read this or even open this if you haven't read the first book. Contains major spoilers. All rights reserved © whammystyles TRANSLATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

  • Drunk; A Harry Styles Fan Fiction
    233K 4.5K 37

    "Who are you?" "I'm Izi." "Why are you here?" "Because. Do you need help?" "I don't need anyone's fucking help." ~~ WARNING: Strong language, sex, drug use. NSFW, MA15+

  • goodnight kisses » h.s.
    625K 22.3K 10

    [short story: ✔] ❝sometimes i wish you were awake when i do this❞ every night he'd put her to bed and kiss her lips, just wondering how it would feel if she returned them. | lowercase intended | ©2014 TypicalFangirlx all rights reserved cover by: vanja p.s. i wrote this a while back and i'm aware that it's a tad creep...

  • Illegally Yours ≫ l.t.
    14.4M 594K 86

    She was this artsy and eccentric girl who was pathetically obsessed with him, but he had no idea. When she saves him from an accident and he loses his memory, she ends up doing the craziest thing she could ever do. All rights reserved ©whammystyles TRANSLATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

  • Drama Class » l.t. au
    10.3M 280K 42

    [✓] ∥ "Cloe." "Cloe?" "Yes, Cloe." "...As in Lorena Cloe?" "How many Cloes do we know?" The taller of the two college boys looked across the bar, at the brunette who was sitting at a table in the corner. She was drinking Coke and talking to her friend, which he recently realized is a routine of hers. He knew her well;...

  • Harry Styles Imagines
    6.7M 98.1K 102

    [COMPLETED] (1) Just a collection of Harry Styles imagines written by me.

  • one direction imagines
    468K 5.7K 109

    hey! I love making one direction imagine and preferences so I hope you enjoy this book full of them. if you want to request an imagine or preference read the chapter called " requests". I do not make dirty imagines or preferences so if that what your looking for im sorry but I cant help you in that department. I reall...

  • One Direction Imagines and Preferences Book 1
    5.9M 62.3K 199

    Basically what the title says imagines and preferences about Liam Harry Louis Niall and Zayn, don't forget to comment for a personal imagine or preference I will be happy to write it for you :)<3 Some of what I post is from tumblr, they are things that I have read and think are really cute or just amazing and want to...

  • One Direction Preferences And Imagines
    194K 2.2K 90

    One Direction preferences and imagines. Some may be dirty, I will worn you before though... If you want an imagine then ask in the comments section or inbox me. These will most likely be from tumblr, so if they dont say where its from just assume its from tumblr or my own okay? Good, enjoy!!!