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  • Oh, My Soldier
    352K 10.8K 52

    Maggie Dornwall was a simple girl. Growing up in Brooklyn with an abusive stepdad, she met two boys who would become her best friends and protectors. Steve Rogers and James Barnes. What will she do when James is shipped off to war and Steve becomes Captain America? Will she follow the boys after falling in love with...

  • You Will Remember Me
    81.5K 3K 24

    Sequel to You Are Not a Monster (so if you haven't read that, STOP HERE because you need to read it first). After Steve finds Bucky at the Smithsonian exhibit, he takes him back to the Avengers Tower in hopes of fixing his broken friend. Of course, things don't go exactly as planned, and a rescue mission of some sort...

  • The Final Initiative
    80.4K 3.6K 36

    BOOK 4 OF THE JESSI STARK SERIES. "Show me where my armor ends, and show me where my skin begins" In the beginning, there was an idea. The idea to bring together a group of remarkable people. No one, not even her, realized that she was the center of the idea, the center of it all. IRON MANS DAUGHTER. •A3(IW) - A4(EG)•

  • regret➿stark's daughter
    160K 2.4K 24

    Tony Stark, pretty sure everyone knows him, well-known for being a playboy. His reputation is about to get worldwide once he found out he has a daughter. Will he keep her? Or will he ignore her? previously known as His Little Babygirl

  • Hell's Touch | Bucky Barnes
    148K 4.3K 46

    "I am death. Death follows me everywhere I go. I'm better dead than alive. I'll only hurt you and everyone I love."

  • Winter's Return | Bucky Barnes
    7K 287 11

    Book 2 Sequel to Hell's Touch "You have to stop blaming yourself for something you couldn't control. You weren't in your right mind. You didn't do those things." "But I did. It was my hands. I killed all those people. There blood is on my hands. I'm a monster."

  • The Girl out of Time
    158K 6K 101

    Y/N gets sucked into the Avengers movie. What could go wrong? Will she be able to tell the Avengers what's about to happen in the future events? Or will she fall in love along the way? A big thank you to @faiffoox @marvelgal100 and @Dani_Maximoff for helping me in this journey! :D

  • Artemis : The Seventh Avenger ➳ Steve Rogers [1]
    389K 10.9K 76

    Few had known Natasha had a Sister. Just like her, she was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Unfortunately, Camille Romanoff has been deceased for the past five years, or so the story goes. But when Fury comes knocking at her door, recruiting for the Avengers Initiative, it appears she wasn't going to stay dead for very much...

  • RED RAVEN ▹ stark ✓
    387K 15.5K 36

    There are demons in the girl's head. They make her wish she was dead. Two years ago, the infamous Tony Stark told the world that he was Iron Man and that came with consequences that his precious daughter, Lisa, had to suffer. Despite all odds, Lisa Stark is alive, but so are her demons. She was once just a chi...

  • THE DEATH SEASON ▹ final avengers
    157K 8.1K 29

    Every demon must have their pound of flesh. The Avengers have fallen. The unity that once protected the Earth no longer remains. Fathers and daughters have been torn apart, families are no longer aligned, and darkness looms upon the horizon. For six years the most formidable foe that these broken heroes have ever...

  • POISON & WINE ▹ stark
    303K 12.6K 45

    "Now I see. The demon is me." Lisa May Stark is so much more than the child she used to be when she and her father were kidnapped in Afghanistan five years ago. She's Iron Man's daughter, she's the Red Raven, she's, well, you know who she is. The years have been cruel and unforgiving to the protective father a...

  • IRON DAUGHTER ▹ stark ✓
    746K 24K 34

    Every family has demons, but none of them seem to scream as loudly as they do in the Stark family. Tony Stark is known for many things; a father being one of them. Before he was Iron Man, before he was the CEO of Stark Industries, before he was an orphan, he was just a twenty year old kid who found out he had a d...

  • Take Me back to the Start | B. Barnes
    367K 17.2K 92

    ▷Set before CATFA and ends before CACW One friend, one love. One project, two super soldiers. One war, one loss. A new world. All that just happens because Eve Farrell meets Bucky Barnes and his pal Steve Rogers in an alley in 1936. And not only her life gets changed, also their lives won't be the same anymore, inf...

  • The Weight of the Universe | Avengers
    106K 8.2K 52

    ▷Set in Infinity War and Endgame It's all been leading to this... Six Infinity Stones. Two groups of heroes. One Enemy. His name has spread nothing but fear through the whole galaxy. The only goal Thanos ever had in his mind was the balance of the universe- and he doesn't care how to achieve...

  • The Witch's Game | WinterWitch| Bucky x Wanda +18
    7.3K 137 19

    Red is the color of love. But so is blood. James Buchanan Barnes is a cold hearted person but what happens when heat starts to thaw in? The witch's game thaws even the frozen heart. Love's a challenge. Love is warfare. Love is patient. Love is Kind. Love's a game. and Barnes is a player in the witch's Game.