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  • Mental Asylum | Jack Avery [BOOK 1]
    134K 2.9K 110

    You moved to a new town, very close to a mental asylum and a graveyard. Little do you know what adventures are ahead | Jack Avery FanFiction (book 1) 03/06/18

  • Social Anxiety// Zach Herron
    1.8K 33 11

    Jaiyana is 17 and she just moved to LA. Great, the place with the most social interactions. It's not that Jaiyana is anti-social but she has social anxiety. She happened to move next to this boyband called why don't we. What happens when Zach Herron makes an impression. Will Jaiyana shut him out like she does everyon...

  • If Only
    339 14 2

    You fall in love with two completely different guys. Jonah, who is mature, somewhat serious, but super sweet and treats you like a princess. And Corbyn, the really funny guys you could talk to for hours but is kind of immature. The two happen to be complete enemies which doesn't make your decision any easier! Who will...

  • Deaf // z.d.h
    2.1K 44 14

    In which a girl, Brooklyn Montoya, goes to the Invitation Tour and loses her hearing.