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  • odd ; elmax & harringrove
    7.3K 259 8

    eleven and max form an unlikely bond that goes too far. max's stepbrother, billy, finds out. but what max doesn't know is that billy is hiding something, too.

  • Save Me
    207K 7.1K 34

    Emma has struggled with anorexia as a child, and she thought she had overcome it. But after being moved to a new school where her secret surfaces she turns back into her old self. Will anyone be able to save her before she's to far gone? WARNING: May trigger, read at your own discretion.

  • Isn't It Strange? (Max and Eleven AU | Elmax)
    12.3K 349 12

    Eleven was always there to protect Mike, but what happens when Mike is forced to move away alongside his parents, Nancy and Holly? Will Eleven forever be miserable, longing for her love to return or will she move on, as Mike wanted? Find out :) (Kind of Alternate Universe)

  • Virtues Long Forgotten {Elmax}
    757 42 4

    The Shadow Monster has been defeated, the Gate has been closed, and Hawkins Lab has been shut down. Winter has passed and it's the time of new life and new beginnings. And for El, new beginnings mean a million new things to do and learn. Some things were easy to figure out, like the fact that she loves books and needs...