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  • It's Not Quite Here
    76 9 25

    poems and short stories

  • Helplessly In Love
    914 75 20

    Just some shitty love poems you might relate to ~

  • Nocturne
    122 53 14

    A collection of nocturnal poems discussing the other world that comes out at night, the dreamlike, the nightmarish, and the lonely.

  • Poetry... and Other Mindless Things.
    458 54 41

    It's a book of poems written by me. Come and sit for a little while.

  • Crashing Cosmos ✓
    3.2K 498 15

    ❝ Some things must break in order for the wishes we've longed for the most to come true❞ || BEST RANKING: #37 in poetry || #1 in love poetry || #1 in love poems || #8 in poem || #22 in poems

  • Psych Ward Material
    662 93 40

    Everyone is always shocked when the wallflower finally decides she wants to be heard. Well, I want to be heard and while I'm not always good at talking about the things that hurt allow my poems to speak for me. Through parents divorcing, abuse, mental illness, heartbreak and all things that hurt, this is my story thr...

    Completed   Mature