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  • Bnha Next Gen Rp
    2.3K 36 5


  • My hero gay academia RP
    28.2K 379 61

    It's where everyone in the universe is gay or lesbian. So let's have fun together.

  • Boku No Hero Academia Yaoi Roleplay!
    34 3 3

    Yaoi only! Sorry, but no Yuri! (Sorry, I'm only good at playing guys not girls though I'm a girl myself. XD) Cover made by me! And I know... The cover is bad but I tried. Ignore the explosion at the bottom by Bakugou and Kirishima. I was bored. XD

  • My Hero Academia Roleplay
    4.3K 77 57

    I am addicted to this anime like the rest of the world... Started Season 1: 10/24/18 and finished 10/25/18 Started Season 2: 10/25/18 and finished 10/29/18 Started Season 3: 11/17/18 and finished 1/1/19

  • Yuri RP
    3.7K 26 13

    My other 2 are gone, so 3rd times the charm! P.S. I dont allow smut

  • Hetalia Roleplay 2
    8.3K 56 15

    So this is a roleplay.

  • Hetalia Ship Roleplay
    7.8K 106 55

    Roleplay with Hetalia ships!

  • Yaoi Rp
    14.5K 125 21

    *NO SMUT* It's in the title, come join if you'd like.

  • Love is Love (Yaoi Role Play)
    26.8K 201 38

    Wattpad deleted my first yaoi and yuri role plays. So consider this and the other yuri role play book "better versions" of the first ones. Characters from the first books will have their pages in this. AND ABSOLUTELY NO SMUT. No images used are mine. Now with cover by: DangerousRoleplayer

    255 14 7

    Do I really need one?

  • Hetalia Yaoi Ship Roleplay (OPEN!)
    865 7 10

    Yes, it's another Hetalia-related roleplay! This time it's for ships! No OCs! Individual roleplay! I DO NOT OWN THE IMAGES

  • Hetalia Next Gen 2.0
    83 2 2

    yeah.... All my RPs are dying and I'm running out of ideas...

  • Fantasy Rp
    15.7K 140 42

    Fantasy rp Any and all art in this book, credit to the artists.

  • Mystic Messenger RP
    502 4 6

    707 here with a RP for you fans!

  • Hetalia Next Gen RP
    1.5K 47 14

    I've done several Next Gen RPs, some I gave up on like the DmmD Next Gen and as well as uhh... Voltron I think..? Anyway, I hope this one goes better than the other one's I've done.

  • Hetalia RP! 2.0
    110 5 3

    This is a 2.0 of the last Hetalia RP.

  • -_Hetalia Roleplay_-
    6.9K 68 39

    ⚠️ I WILL BE ROLEPLAYING ON OTHER HETALIA RP BOOKS TOO ⚠️ Well I don't feel like continuing the one from my other account so let's get a fresh start.

  • Voltron Roleplay v.2 ((closed))
    2.7K 32 15

    My last book got deleted so here's a new one!

  • My Hero Academia { Next Generation }
    132 2 6

    This is the story of Shinya and his friends in the Tokyo Area of the world next Gen

  • My Hero Academia : Next Generation
    848 10 4

    Age of Villains is over thanks to the efforts of the world's greatest hero Deku, whose name is celebrated as the new symbol of peace. the story follows Eri Midoriya, daughter of Izuku midoriya as she follows the footsteps of her dad.

  • Anime rp book :3
    2.5K 36 27

    Title Password for everything is- ;3 No joke

  • Mr. Harrison's Academy For Hybrids
    80 5 6

    You have be selected to come to Mr. Harrison's Academy for Hybrids!

  • Individual Roleplay
    56.3K 587 60

    Basically an individual rp

  • Hugs and Kisses
    283 32 30

    Yuri (girlxgirl) roleplay don't like it? Don't do it But those who do, come on in the doors are wide open.