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  • My Mad Fat Stories
    13.9K 267 14

    RAE X FINN This Mini booklet is based on English TV show 'My Mad Fat Diary'. Each chapter is a different story unless it's a Two-part special. (Or three-part ect..) Please keep in mind before reading this, that these stories are of my own creation when I was writing Fan Fiction on Tumblr. For those who haven't watche...

  • Duran Duran Shit
    13.1K 227 29

    crack oneshots and fanfics x and also normal stuff innit x

  • A Break In Time
    248 20 6

    Vampires. We all know the myths and the stories. The fairy tales and the legends. Garlic. Crosses. Stakes. Sparkles? But do we know their true nature? Their lives? John and Nick have been alive for a very long time. Well... not alive, but living nonetheless. They've seen it all, and done even more. But it isn't until...

  • A Matter of Feeling
    9.8K 650 68

    Mari is a twenty something single who is looking for anything but love. She's been burnt by too many men, and just wants to live her life. When John enters her life, all of that changes rather quickly. But with his past, will they be able to make a life together? .... Marigold Rain (yes, that's really her name) doesn...

    Completed   Mature