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    A tale of what ifs... | Karlsson is still a senator at heart, dont @ me.

  • When You're Ready | Tyler Seguin
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    "Don't start to love me again once it's too late." "Well, is it too late now?" "No, not even close." - In which two ex's become best friends.

  • Contract: Mathew Barzal
    21.5K 491 14

    "What if we break each others hearts?" "It would be the greatest honour to get my heart broken by you." || In which two distant friends make a contract for their fake relationship.

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    Just a girl with dreams.

  • Midnight | Zach werenski
    24.2K 360 35

    "Can I ask you something?" "Yeah?" "Why are you up here at midnight?" "I got something broken." "You look perfectly fine." "My heart isn't." || In which a boy gets his heartbroken and goes to the rooftop to think. A girl lives in the same building and can't sleep, so she goes to the rooftop.

  • Memories Faded: Mitch Marner
    16K 355 19

    "Quick question." "What is it?" "Do you ever miss me?" "Yes, of course I do." "I mean truly, aching at the bottom of your heart pain that you just can't ignore. Because that's how I feel, every. single. day." || In which a summer beach house, a few friends, one too many drinks, and a camp fire bring together a pair of...

  • The Girl He Left Behind | Dylan Larkin
    13.6K 222 19

    "Why did you leave me?" "I could ask you the same thing," || A story in which he left her behind, and the only connection she has with him now is social media.

  • Defined: A Jake Virtanen Fanfiction
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    Naya King is a hockey player for the CWHL team, Toronto Furies. One day she gets called up to play for the Vancouver Canucks to fill in for the injured Radim Vrbata, and be the second woman in the NHL. Naya takes the offer right away and goes to Vancouver and starts to live with Ryan Miller and his family. But when Na...

  • Deleted: William Nylander
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    "Cheating isn't always kissing, touching or flirting. If you have to delete text messages so your partner won't see them, you're already there."

  • By The Way, i Love You. | Nico Hischier
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    "You know, I hate it when you don't put the 'I' as a capital." "I know, that's why it's a lowercase." | She writes love letters to her best friend, but never sends them.

  • Can't Wait: Auston Matthews
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    Ivy Williams is Stephanie LaChance, Mitch Marners girlfriend's best friend. When Mitch and his girlfriend finally got a house in Toronto, Ivy is invited to stay with them as their new roommate. As Ivy starts to settle into Toronto, she meets Mitch's close friend, the charming, but impatient Auston Matthews.

  • Done Waiting: Auston Matthews Sequel
    62.6K 911 32

    || Sequel To "Can't Wait: Auston Matthews" || In which a boy and and girl are done waiting.

  • The Break Up Contract | Mathew Barzal Sequel
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    "How do you love someone and just, walk away? Just like that." "I don't know, you just go on as normal. You get up, get dressed, go to work." "How can you do that? How can you be okay with that?" "I have to be, it's apart of the contract." || In which they broke up and made a contract to stay in line.