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  • Kodie's story
    22 5 3

    This African girl is moving to Texas and. meats a Japanese girl who become's Kodies new friend. and hopes to find more friends on the way.

  • Permanent.....almost.
    9 3 2

    This is a story of an albino teen who battled cancer. Elise Finch is a 16 year old girl who starts a YouTube channel, not knowing when her last breath will be taken. The people of YouTube take her story and publish it in books and social medias, going viral with her magnificent life. Why did she start a YouTube cha...

  • Scarlett's story
    16 4 2

    There's a girl named Scarlett she makes friends the first day of school. But unlike all her friends she doesn't have a sport. Or even so,etching to keep her busy. Will Scarlett find that spark the thing that makes her happy.

  • Happiness In The Midnight Zone
    10 2 5

    This story is about King Gill of Guppyville is unhappy with his life. So he goes to strange places to try to find happiness Will Gill find Happiness Or Will fail to succeed Read to find out!

  • The dream
    50 9 8

    This story is about Opal who has always wanted to be a ballerina Will she fulfill her dream? Or will it be crushed by the nutcracker? Keep reading to find out what happens.

  • Long live Prince Aaron
    47 9 3

    A young life in 3 chapters

  • Sage
    135 3 28

    A young girl who wants to save the world from her old best friend from middle school who turned evil after he was gone for three days. Will she save her family and the world in time, or will her ex-best friend win? This is a 10 book series. Each book will have 20 to 25 chapters each.