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  • MCSM One Shots
    23.8K 875 53

    A bunch of short stories based on the adventures of Jesse and her friends from Minecraft Storymode! - Frequent Updates - Requests Open

  • Possessed (A MCSM Fanfiction)
    2K 163 10

    Jesse thought all her adventures were behind her. After settling down with her two best friends, their lives were nothing more than a cycle of the same, quiet events. And it was fantastic. But of course that wasn't going to last. Because a whole new adventure was growing in their back yard, in the form of a mysterious...

  • Ghost of Her Past [Rewrite]
    12.1K 617 26

    There's no doubt that the things that Jesse has been through have been some pretty intense experiences. But nothing could prepare Jesse for this. Haunting nightmares, a mysterious letter, and not to mention the voices inside her head are only the beginnings of something much bigger and far more frightening than Jesse...

  • Minecraft Story Mode- Ender Born
    14.4K 582 23

    Jess always knew he had a sister, but everyone had thought she died when Jess had only been six, and she was seven. No one ever talked about her, and neither did he. None of his friends knew about the mystery sister, but this is her story, and what exactly happened to her. But maybe it wasn't as short as everyone thou...

  • The Royal Truth (Minecraft Story Mode)
    2.4K 129 10

    Jesse always thought her parents were dead ever since she was found at someone's doorstep as a baby with nothing but a note containing her name and a yellow hair clip. For years she believed the people who found her were her true parents till they died and found the adoption papers hidden from her for her entire chil...

  • Petra's Story (Minecraft Story Mode)
    5.9K 434 58

    No one knew why Petra acted strange on one very certain day... (Credit for the art goes to original artist)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cat and The Bat
    587 26 2

    Lukas and Jesse HATE each other. They can't be in the same room together and they can't even look at each other. Sure, they go adventuring together but they DESPISE each other. Then one day, everything changes and they have to work together to fix it.

  • Minecraft Storymode
    228 21 3

    A Girl, a Boy and five friends set out to save the world. We have the coward, the builder, the redstone genius, the destructive guy, the miner, the smart guy and the pig. They have to stop a giant witherstorm before its too late, reunite five old friends, destroy the command block and after that, who knows what will h...

  • Mcsm One Shots
    5.3K 191 46

    One shots related to mcsm. Always taking requests too. Basically a book I can come to when I have writers block and to give me a bit of a challenge. Oneshots currently range from: June 1, 2018 - to August 3, 2019 Disclaimer: Some oneshots contain murder, dark, suicidal and many other themes.

  • MCSM Season 3 The Return of the Old Enemy (Slow Update)
    7.4K 210 33

    After Romeo was defeated and redeem himself, Petra left Beacontown for the unknown adventures, F. Jesse stayed here with Radar, Lukas, Jack, and Nurm. She wouldn't want to miss anything of what they are planning to do to have fun. Radar told Jesse that she recieve the letter from someone named Aiden saying that he wil...

  • Falling Through Stars: An MCSM Fanfic (ON HOLD FOR NOW)
    164 19 4

    I'll make one later. Exams happen people.

  • Revenant Girl (Minecraft: Story Mode)
    5.8K 55 4

    All Jesse ever wanted was to be loved by her father, but he harbours a strong disdain towards her. She was considered bad luck after her mother died from an illness that she caught after giving birth to her. When he plans to assassinate her, she escapes from her castle in order to seek asylum. However, she may not be...