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    • in which Jungkook runs a blog dedicated to Suga • *short chapters* started⇔04.18.16 completed⇔06.11.16

  • Obsessed||Jungkook FF-discontinued
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    You were a loner with the slightest chance of finding love.He never felt this way towards someone.Just because of him,everyone stayed away from you,but know one nor you knows why.They said whoever ties to flirt,bully,hurt,or even make friends with you will DIE.HE did this just for you.HE murdered almost everyone for y...

  • obsess / / pjm
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    Are you having fun ? Cause I am ;) a park jimin fanfiction /// warning ; there are a few cursing! /// watch out for my grammars ! /// :) warning ; this is just a fanfic❁nothing is real so do not take serious❁ ily♡ ©naefay

  • BTS Imagines
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    Enjoy having the feel of you being with one of the BTS members through these fluffy and cringeworthy imagines! These imagines are strictly fluff only, so do expect fluffy and cute imagines only. The ideas and layouts of every chapter in this book are originally made by me, so, I don't do requests and no plagiarism p...