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  • Kayla && Daddy
    35.7K 364 5

    Kayla King is the new girl at East Wing High that everyone is talking about. Her beauty causes the most popular boy at East Wing to notice her, Xzavier Heart. Xzavier and Kayla are polar opposites but still somehow are drawn toward each other. Is Kayla sure she wants to let this bad boy into her life?

  • first time シ
    29.8K 361 7

    let me take y'all back , it wasnt nothing like that first time 😩.. he was a family friend . Not just a family friend, my crush I always had a crush on him .. i wanted him & I mean wanted him badly 🥺..

    96.6K 621 9

    ariana loves the thought of sex but the frist time... was evrything she had imagined 🙃. but with a twist... what will it be ?

  • Mood Freaky ❤️😏💦👅
    366K 895 11

    This is my first book i make this book because am away in a freaky mood lol but . I hope y'all like it Please like and comment

  • Freaky relationship goals
    165K 392 63

    Freaky relationships Comment like and vote

  • M O O D S
    63.6K 264 6

    Freaks only

  • Freaky Shit👅💦
    229K 2K 22

    Just read it

  • Dr. Anthony | August Alsina
    245K 8.8K 29

    At only twenty-three years old, August Alsina took Atlanta by storm when he opened up his own office. Not only is Dr. Anthony one of the youngest in his profession, but the finest. What happens when Dr. Anthony mixes business with pleasure? Read along as he finds himself balancing business, love, and drama. He's got...

  • Daddy's Sugar 2 (All Grown Up) *EXPLICIT CONTENT*
    7.1K 252 6

    Milla, Furious and the twins are back. New enemies, mo' money and mo' problems follow everybody's favorite couple in this series sequel.

  • Young M.A (Sex Stories)
    19.5K 235 3

    I have noticed that there are not much young MA stories so I made one for you kinky people lol

  • Love Over Lust
    25K 745 26

    She attracted me like no other I had to have her but was having her gonna led to a cost to reason being the reason why she she attracted me like she did was it love or lust Tia~Toni Jasmine~Janet Babyface(Kenny) Clarence Gil

  • She's Mine, Not Yours
    72.1K 4.3K 43

    When two con artists's plan to trap their next victim backfires they end up going on the craziest ride of their life.

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's naughty girl {H•S}
    2M 14.4K 31

    "Pull your panties down and bend over my lap NOW!" "no" "what did you say little girl?" "I said no harry" "now you're in for it " "go lay naked on the bed now"

  • Lesbians❤︎101🏳️‍🌈
    219K 2.7K 31

    Freaky images Stud4stud Studxfem Fem4fem

  • Freaks Only GxG
    191K 956 17

    Just Short Storys,Sad,Freaky, Playful,Lies,Cheating,Lust

  • Images ( Rated R )
    146K 1.9K 20

    ⚠ Warning Rated R - This Book Is For Mature Readers Only ⚠ Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Tyga, August Alsina, Diggy, Kid Lucas, Drake, Kid Ink, Lil Fizz Plus the images aren't just going to be sexually they will be mixed with everything.

  • Masculine Lovers//SFS (Completed)
    244K 8K 42

    This is a Lesbian love story(SFS) Keep in mind as I write, I edit past chapters This is my first Wattpad book so bare If you don't like that type shit DONT READ IT YOU DUMBASS??‍♀️

  • Xxxtentacion dirty fan fiction
    34.3K 379 5

    Come see what happeneds when you disrespect x🤪

  • Rapper smut ?(;
    17.6K 136 4

    Rapper smut(:

  • Rope Burns
    245K 2K 10

    Sam Baxter and Ethan Bishop. Honestly the best and kinkiest dom-sub relationship ever.

  • Celebrity Imagines ❤️
    132K 1.6K 41

    Different Celebrities❤️, Some Freaky, Cute, And Sad. Requests Are Available?

  • Freaky Shit
    81.5K 250 2

    Bitch Ima horny freak