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  • Catch The Moment // Denki Kaminari x reader
    1.5K 95 9

    ~Character info~ Name: Y/N Family: Hizashi Yamada (Older brother) Yōkina Yamada (Mother) Akio Yamada (Father) Birthday: June 21st Gender: Female Quirk: Noise metamorphosis. The body of the user is able to absorb sound waves, and transform them into energy, that can be converted into various objects. In Y/N's case, it...

  • 1000000%// Mirio Togata x reader
    2.8K 127 7

    Character info! •Her name is Y/N Jiro , Kyoka's older sister •She attended UA for one year, but dropped out for personal reasons. She graduated in January from an art school, and she's been working as a mangaka since then •As every other member in her family, she is a musical prodigy, despite being more interested in...

  • Brute Force // Eijiro Kirishima x reader
    58.4K 2.1K 17

    {very slow updates!} ~Character description~ -her name is Y/N Togata (Mirio Togata's little sister) -her brother has always been her inspiration for everything, since they were just kids -she is usually cheerful and bright, but deep inside she fears that she won't be nearly as great as her brother, which sometimes lea...

  • Mixtape //Hanta Sero x reader
    208K 6.9K 34

    ~Character info~ Name: Y/N Yamada Family: Naguisa Shinomiya and Takao Shinomiya (deceased parents), Hizashi Yamada (Adoptive Father) Birthday: December 19th Sex/Gender: Female (doesn't need to be both-) Quirk: Musical manipulation. The user is able to reproduce different melodies that provoke different effects, like s...

  • Save me // Tenya Iida x reader
    89.7K 2.9K 17

    {Completed and under editing!} ~Character info~ -The character name is Y/N Uraraka, and she is Ochako Uraraka's twin sister -She always was jealous of Ochako, as she was better than her in almost everything, but still, even when Y/N did better, her parents would compliment more her sister. This made Y/N develope a low...