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  • Sweet like Honey or Sultry like Spice
    99.5K 3.3K 10

    A dark and mysterious girl by the name Vanessa Venatrix shows up one day at Ouran Academy. What will happen when the short and very seductive little goth meets the incredibly adorable boy Lolita Honey? Read to find out!!!

  • I Got You
    1K 32 1

    A year into searching for Bucky, Steve finds him. (a/b/o universe, pure sin) (part i in an ongoing series, captain america comes down with a bad case of maternity)

  • Unspeakable Potter
    75.1K 2.5K 11

    Ignored for his twin, Harry sets off to Hogwarts to make a name for himself. What will Charlus Potter do when he realizes he's the reason he and his brother don't have a good relationship? Fast forwards to Fourth Year. Yaoi Twincest WBWL

  • The Angel Spot
    27K 810 1

    It started out as a joke, but now Cas is having a difficult time keeping quiet as Dean searches for his 'Angel Spot'. A smutty Destiel minific written for @kaylerr_22 on a roadtrip.

    Completed   Mature
  • Snow and her Seven
    147K 9.7K 31

    Snow Black is a girl built from irony. White hair, black eyes and the palest skin from her albino father, she stands out whether she likes it or not. Far from her fairy tale counterpart- Snow is the frostiest person at her high school, with a blizzard of emotion and anger inside, stemming from more than just a magic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marvel One shots
    408K 7.4K 61

    Marvel stories I write for fun

  • The Winged Warrior
    403K 10.6K 24

    Betrayed. Abandoned. Destroyed. Percy Jackson has been deserted by those he trusted. But can he rise again? When he is given the option of a new life, will he take it? And will the journey mend his shattered Heart? Percy Jackson rises from the dust as the winged warrior, a cold and emotionless fighter with no remorse...

  • A Night To Call Ours )WolfStar(
    347K 8K 25

    SHORT STORY SMUTTY SMUT SMUT REMUS × SIRIUS FLOOF WOLFY DOGGY YAY (sorry I just came up with the idea on the spot and I got real hype so here is dis)

  • Shklance omegaverse
    38.4K 1K 7

    the day that Lance has dreaded had arrived the team would finely find out how useless he truly is. will Shiro and Keith be able to help him or will Lance be left behind

  • Harry Potter and the Altered Destinies
    244K 11K 31

    Percy Jackson was nineteen, nearly twenty years old and was the boss of an aquarium of his own. Demigod life put behind him, he moved to the United Kingdom to start a new life. He didn't know was that one day he would meet an eight year old abused Harry Potter. Unaware that he once again messed with fates plans, Percy...

  • Childhood Hero (Captain America/Avengers Story) •EDITING•
    1M 30.9K 25

    [BOOK ONE IN THE CHILDHOOD HERO SERIES] - completed - Captain America was Zoey's Childhood Obsession. She grew up with only her mother there for her, who refused to tell her about her father. She's a freak. She's a genius with mad combat skills that accidentally runs into a man with an eyepatch, more than once. When h...

  • Spider-Man Oneshots (Under Going Editing)
    334K 10.4K 40

    Just some fluff and bonding to save me from Infinity War. Peter/Tony centric. I need Irondad and Sipderson okay.

  • my sweet kitten
    26.4K 297 15

    Sebastian x male neko reader lemon My first try at writing something in English so please don't be to hard on me thanks ^^

  • Grell's little sister
    189K 6.4K 27

    Grell's little sister is Neko. She's half cat and half grim reaper crazy I know right? Read Neko's exciting story to find out if she'll choose between family or love?

  • A New Dark Angel Rises
    80.5K 2.5K 13

    How much different would Harry Potter's life be if he grew up in an orphanage? On the night of July 31st, 1980, a baby was brought to Wool's Orphanage. It was there that he was raised by the orphanage. And like any muggle orphanage, they fear what they don't understand. This is Harry's story of how he rises to power.

  • Harry Potter and the Dark Side
    55.1K 1.6K 11

    A Story of Harry Potter raised as a Malfoy, and if the picture doesnt give it away, its Tom x Harry

  • Save Me From The Lions Den A creature inheritance tomarry/harrymort:discontinued
    41.2K 805 14

    Harry realizes he's been tricked and goes to tom a.k.a. Voldemort for help.

  • His Butler, Obsessed | Sebastian Michealis
    119K 3.3K 33

    ▪Book One▪ The cook knows. The gardener knows. The maid knows. Even the Earl knows. Everyone knows... ...except the servant. ... Rankings #3 in #sebastian | May 11th, 2018 #1 in #sebastianmichaelis | August 12th, 2018 #1 in #sebastianxreader | August 19th, 2018 ... I don't own the Black Butler series or characters. I...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Witches Snake
    50.4K 1.5K 16

    Ceil and Alois aren't the only ones with a demon as their butler. What happens when a young sociopath girl is the Queens Cobra. Also know as the witch's snake.

  • One Hell of a Twin
    73.4K 2K 16

    Ceil has been having strange dreams since the first time he got kidnapped. It was about a girl that the same age as him but one day when Lizzy gets kidnapped and Ceil needs to save her. As he save Ceil sees someone else saving her

  • Black Butler Neko Story (In editing)
    252K 10.1K 27


  • The Silver Fox- Black Butler Fanfic (COMPLETED)
    223K 8.8K 36

    The sun beat down on my skin, my tattered clothes showed parts of skin that where exposed to it's harmful rays. My bare feet sunk into the ground, their angry screams echoed behind me, encouraging me forward.I stopped at a clearing, whipping my head around I looked for a sign that would show me that that was the direc...

  • How the Hell did this happen?! Black Butler fan fic
    415K 16.2K 31

    I was and I mean WAS a normal teenage girl. Who loved all the normal things in life, sleeping in (most definitely not a early bird), food, manga&anime. Black Butler being my favourite, the first one that had really caught my attention and managed to keep it. I would imagine being in that world but I would be different...

  • His Butler, A Host
    11.4K 474 9

    Now it is the year of 2008, and Ciel and Sebastian are living their lives as demons. Sebsatian has been teaching Ciel on the ways of being a demon, and controlling his strength and demon form. What happens when Sebastian takes Ciel to go to a school called Ouran High School Academy? Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji and OHSH...

  • Sherlock's Heart
    538K 18.3K 36

    What if Sherlock had a daughter? Well he does, a two year old daughter to be exact and she is the sweetest thing in the world! When the girls Mother dies the police find out that The Sherlock Holmes is the little girls Father and now it is up to him to care for the child... But what happens if Moriarty learns about th...

  • GumLee(smut)
    129K 3.7K 14

  • Black Butler One-shots
    282K 5.7K 51

    Just Black Butler one shots or two shots etc. May contain smutty chapters. Some x reader (malexmale girlxgirl or girlxboy) *Slow updates~sorry*

  • black butler One Shot Lemons
    66.5K 1.2K 11

    No more I'm done with this fandom. Thanks for the 12k+

  • Upside Down - Stranger Things
    12K 305 6

    "Run! Run, Will!" "Emma!" "Will!" "Emma?" "Yes Mike?" "You're safe here. Okay? With me. Us." <> Emma has a past she does not want to resurface. She's from a very bad place with very bad people. And a test that went wrong sent her to a place even worse than the one she came from. The Upside Down. She was alone until h...

  • Soul Mates AU (Heroes of Olympus)
    475K 15K 51

    Everyone gets a tattoo on their upper arm, right below their shoulder. It just appears there one day, and doesn't go away. Each person's tattoo has symbols that represent their soulmate, and none are the same........ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The Seven live in New York. They all enroll in Goode High, at th...