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  • Alice Must Be Dead
    46 6 4

    I didn't ask for this. I didn't ask to be a hero to save the day. ♜♕♛♗ Somewhere down the rabbit hole is a mad world named Wonderland. Sure, I've read the books, I've seen the movies, I've listened to its wacky riddles and nonsense poems. But I never imagined Wonderland to be like this. To be a place where Good is Evi...

  • Shine
    332 24 4

  • agelastic
    444 49 9

    Some poems to read when you feel bad. So you can feel even worse.

  • Campfire Horror Stories Vol. 2
    106 36 14

    Welcome to the campfire! Take a seat on a log, eat a smore, & get ready to put on a fresh pair of pants because tonight is going to get scary! But most of all, have fun. This is a collection of short horror stories that are in order from least scary to most scary.

  • Campfire Horror Stories (Vol. 1)
    307 96 11

    A group of young adults are sitting at a campfire, telling each other scary stories to frighten one another, and all before going to sleep to have sweet nightmares. Would you like to join them on their merriment? Then, go ahead and take a seat on a log. No need to be shy. Have fun. These start out from least scary to...

  • His Zombie Queen
    496 101 5

    Not even death or the zombie apocalypse will keep Lincoln Hunter Mosley from being with the woman he loves. Armed with his macabre good looks, charming wit, and an army of adorable zombie animals, he'll do whatever it takes to make Arryn Ruth Lycaster his zombie queen. This is my entry into the Dog Days Winter Compet...

  • Connie Supernatural Friends!
    158 13 1

    Twenty- six year old Connie May, a broke rock guitarist found an available room in a rusty old apartment from a girl she help from gang bangers. However, once she except it things get very strange. Her roommates are literally monster, the boss is an Illuminati agent and the city she moved in is out of this parallel wo...

  • Middle-of-Nowhere
    1.8K 115 7

    "In Middle-of-Nowhere, where I live, is full of chaos." ® All Rights Reserved Names, characters, events, and places are pure work of fiction or are used in fictional means. Any mention of the character's names and made-up places in real life is highly coincidental. (IN THE PROCESS OF RE-WRITING)

  • ✅ My Nightmare Journal
    3.7K 426 19

    Because let's face it: Nightmares are far more interesting than dreams. I've decided to keep a record of them as inspirations to my future stories. I am a lucid dreamer after all. So, why not take advantage of it? You'll notice that these nightmares are very vivid, and sometimes graphic and so real! These are extrem...

  • My Short Stories (Tenshi)
    645 164 22

    A compilation of short stories written by myself over the years. Short stories of different genres. Enjoy!