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  • A Reapers Heart (A New Species Fanfiction Series #1)
    6K 238 9

    While New Species are safe for the most part, there are still some secrets the government keeps hidden. Are the New Species really the only ones that came out of humans curiosity and greed? Or perhaps, there are more, still hidden from the public? Or... Maybe not? April, together with her 3 other sisters, is on the ru...

  • Shield - A New Species Fanfiction (Wild at Heart Chronicles, Book 1)
    115K 4.8K 35

    Kidnapped by members of Mercile Industries, the pharmaceutical company that was shut down six years ago for their illegal experiments on New Species, Paige Evans wakes within the confines of a testing facility as one of their prisoners. They believe her to be the daughter of an elusive double agent. A threat that cou...

    Completed   Mature
  • Clarity [New Species Fanfiction]
    5.1K 130 4

    Clarity, primarily known as soldier "A1" has been part of the HYBRD Military--a secret government military branch consisting of hybrid soldiers who are half human and half animal. A triple threat of being fast, strong, and intelligent, it is no wonder why the HYBRD Soldiers are the strongest in the world. Their talent...

  • Ain't no rest for the wicked (new species fanfiction)
    12.2K 463 32

    New species fanfiction The first chapter should have all the answers I do not own new species, I only own my characters I post in Spanish and English

  • She Came Like a Storm (New Species fanfiction)
    5.7K 254 23

    Iris was cruel, heartless even, her mind only on her business. She had no mercy for others, anyone who defined her was destroyed immediately. Sarah, her business partner, was her only friend. They worked from the ground up and became the biggest mafia in America. Life was as it should be for Iris, until she saves new...

  • Fates collide (New species love story)(Jericho love story)
    18K 974 38

    Echo was a girl with no past, well its not that she didn't have a past it was more like she didn't care to think about it. She wasn't a run away, she just wanted to live her simple life. she lived in a small apartment with her snake and her daughter, who loved and wanted to talk to the New species more then anything...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ares( new species fanfiction)
    14.5K 426 9

    After the torture inflicted on him by mercile because of his excessive animalistic traits,one new species make is left unable to interact with other new species and left with an extreme hatred towards humans. Genevieve is a young woman who was abused all the way up until she was eighteen by both her mother and father...

  • Harley
    5.9K 150 6

    To everybody Harley is a jokester but deep down he is alone. His best friend is in love and all Moon knows is Joy. He is happy for his friend but he's missing something. And he's felt like this since he died and came back to life thanks to Trisha. Victoria has lost her family and made something of herself with no...

  • Kitty
    4.8K 163 10

    She didn't have a name She had a label She was a toy And she was used but now she is free "Kitty" that is what her master called her because to him she was an animal. half human half cat, she was kept in a cage. the cage was all she knew, until the day she was set free ____________________________________ This is...