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  • Iubind o Greseala ~yaoi~
    2.7K 409 7

    Un mic cuvant inainte ! E un fanfiction cu cuplul TodoDeku E paralel cu anime-ul Nimeni nu are puterii aici . Personajele aunt aproape la fel ca in anime Midoriya Izuku nu a inteles niciodata viata de dupa portiile casei . Tatal sau abuziv mereu tinandu-l intr-un lant . Izuku vrand sa vada cum e cu adevarat sa te...

  • TodoDeku
    354K 8.7K 9

    Just read the book you assholes and you will find out. I shall tell you briefly with no spoilers. Midoriya is new to UA. Todoroki can't help but follow him, watching all of the trouble he gets himself in to. Oh and Midoriya also swims. smut//fluff Just saying I get ALL of the art of Pinterest

  • Todoroki's new servant // TodoDeku
    208K 6.9K 19

    Shoto was born heir to the throne of the Todoroki bloodline. And despite his status and prestige he could only wish for a normal life. His current man servant had been caught stealing from the castle had been put to death, Enji now thinks Todoroki is old enough to make his own decisions so entrusts his son with the ta...

  • Falling//TodoDeku
    84.2K 2.4K 15

    Midoriya finds himself in an awkward situation after being saved by the mafia boss, Todoroki Shoto, who then decides to make Midoriya his underling. Smut and fluff. Just read the book assholes