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  • Quintspinner - A Pirate's Quest
    1M 20.8K 52

    Even in the year 1717, one month, one week, or one day, can make all the difference in the world. One month ago, Tess Willoughby was the daughter of a well-to-do physician in London, and she witnessed the murder of an old seer. Coming into possession of the dead woman's odd ring - an ancient Spinner ring, known by the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Through Eyes of Birds
    447 19 15

    During the outbreak of the Bubonic Plague, 1340's Italy, a graduated doctor, Casen McCallenry, and his friend fight to stay alive. With their faith crumbling and the world they knew coming to an end, the two men find themselves in desperation at the hands of a wicked gypsy whose help comes with certain penalties.

  • Wildenwold
    41 3 4

    Police search for an escaped lunatic, but Ella, his newly acquired hostage, isn't so sure he is mad. Insanity does not come along with pyrokinetic and telekinetic skills as a rule, and then there is his claim to be displaced from his own time.

  • Alabaster Roses
    3.9K 183 7

    "Musician. Drug Addict. Mute." After leaving rehab six months ago, mute Ambrose Larkin has been living a lie. Wealthy and talented to the outside world, behind closed doors Ambrose is nothing more than a desperate drug addict struggling to keep up appearances, but as the new year approaches his façade is starting to c...