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  • Aquarelle [h.s]
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    "Hey, Sierra" he said, wetting his cherry lips with his tongue while staring at me, a somewhat amused look in his green irises. And in that moment, I realised that I was screwed. [BOOK TWO - read Artwork first] 5/10/19 #111 in fanfiction

  • Facade [h.s]
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    Raine never liked overconfident people, and Harry never liked judgemental ones. But perhaps, when everything around them isn't what it seems to be, all they need is each other to make it out alive. • • • "Keep your eyes open thunderstorm, because everyone here has their own agenda and you might be interested in so...

  • Broken Glass [h.s.]
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    When Dove promises Mr Styles she'll make sure his son gets out of the town safely in exchange of him freeing her parents, she doesn't think anything could go wrong. Unfortunately, things don't quite go as planned as she finds herself stuck with the stubborn and overall just plain annoying Harry Styles, who doesn't was...

  • Redemption [h.s.]
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    Maybe she shouldn't have opened her door in the middle of the night. 24/06/19 #3 in fanfiction 24/06/19 #3 in romance

  • Artwork [h.s]
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    "Sierra, you go with Harry Styles." I raised up my head at the words, giving my teacher an incredulous glance. "Do I really have to?" Was the only thing I managed to say. The teacher gave me an annoyed look. "Did I stutter? You go with Harry Styles." I turned my head to look at him. At the mention of his name he glanc...