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  • What if everything was a lie
    87 8 8

    First of all, I'd like to say that I'm completely innocent here. Everything I did and didn't do was justified. People go on vacation all the time, and no one calls the police or gets them imprisoned. Well, and that is what I did, I went on vacation. I was at a point in life where everything sucked, you know that point...

  • Deadly Secrets
    4 2 2

    Lisanna is your typical girl next door. With her long, dark hair, stormy gray eyes and quiet personality, she's not the girl you'd expect to find hiding anything. And when former football star Jareth comes along, Lisanna tries even harder to hide her secrets until she finds out Jareth is hiding some secrets of his ow...

  • Godly - Johnlock
    18 1 1

    It was stormy, not only outside but in Sherlock's own head. Hundreds of thoughts and screams furiously whipping around his mind and overpowering anything else he attempted to think about. He looked at the needle already in his arm and the next thing he knew he was stumbling into a church, vomiting, and seeing the most...